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Fuel Injection Service in Huntington Beach

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If you’ve been noticing a steep decline in your fuel economy or your vehicle feels like it lacks the power it once had in its acceleration, there’s a chance that it might be in need of a fuel injection service. HB Auto and AC provides a full fuel injection service in Huntington Beach, as well as a variety of other essential services, maintenance, and repair to help get your auto in the shape it deserves to be in.

Conveniently located on Autopark Drive in Huntington Beach, HB Auto & AC provides a level of expertise and customer service that can ensure all our customers drive away safe and secure in the knowledge that their autos are up to scratch Our team includes experts with experience in servicing and repairing a range of vehicles including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Chevy, Subaru, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Acura, Chrysler, and Cadillac. Come and visit us at Autopark Drive to talk about your auto and AC needs.

When is a Fuel Injection Service Necessary


Unlike older cars, all modern vehicles run on an electronic fuel injection system rather than a more manual carburettor, which provides a much more efficient supply of fuel that’s more sensitive to how much you step on the case. As sensitive and complex as this equipment can be, it needs a little maintenance from time to time to ensure that you see the efficiency of fuel supply that you have come to expect.

As the engine burns fuel, this creates carbon deposits and other residues. These particles can start to build-up on the fuel system and the fuel injectors, drastically decreasing their efficiency. Your fuel injector can clog up, which can explain the decreased acceleration and the loss of power that you’re experiencing in your car. If left alone, it can lead to the complete blockage of fuel injectors to the point that servicing is no longer enough, and you might have to pay for complete replacements.

Your engine will continue to run even without an efficient fuel supply, too. This creates additional stress and increases the workload on certain components. This problem can be even further exacerbated when the carbon and fuel deposits blocking the fuel injectors infiltrate the engine. Here, they will scratch and cause friction against different components, leading to more damage down the line.

Improve Fuel Consumption While Increasing Performance

H B Auto Repair

HB Auto and AC can take a closer look at your vehicle, your fuel system, and your fuel injectors to quickly see the problem and provide the solution you need. For fuel injectors that are beginning to see a build-up of carbon and fuel deposits, we can provide a thorough clean of the system. Besides removing these deposits, our fuel injection service will also clear the intake valves and cylinder heads, as well as flushing the fuel system to ensure that there are no other blockages and that any build-up that has started to infiltrate the engine is effectively removed.

The difference in your engine’s performance can be immediate. You will see a much smoother performance, greater fuel efficiency leading to lower costs, reduced emissions, and even a decrease in noise and vibration from the vehicle as the engine operates under much less stress.

Most modern cars do not need a fuel injection service too regularly, often not requiring one until the 60,000-mile mark. That said, be sure to check your car’s logbook to get a definitive answer on when you should look for preventative fuel injection maintenance. If you experience any of the symptoms that we will explore in further detail, don’t hesitate to get it serviced then, either.

Symptoms that you need a fuel injection service

As mentioned, one of the most noticeable symptoms of a fuel injection system in need of a service is the steady decrease of power behind your acceleration and. All engines depend on maintaining a ratio of fuel and oxygen, which is mixed to provide the combustion that drives the whole vehicle. Inefficient fuel injection systems reduce the amount of fuel in this mix, which means your car isn’t getting the power it needs.

Acceleration can be rough, stuttering, and stumbling when this happens. It may feel like your engine is suffering from transmission issues. Furthermore, it will take your vehicle longer to start and longer to accelerate, and you may notice a marked increase in stalling.

Fuel inefficiency is another big sign that there’s something wrong with the fuel injection system. Because of the poor supply of fuel to the engine, it takes more to reach the speeds you would normally hit much easier. As a result, you won’t get as far on a full tank of gas and you’ll start to notice that when you get hit by frequent visits to the pumps.

Other services we offer


A fuel injection service can help resolve some of the issues causing sluggish acceleration, decreased power output, and fuel inefficiency in your car. However, HB Auto & AC recommends taking a deeper look at your car and a more thorough maintenance schedule using some of the other services we have on offer.

Fuel isn’t the only fluid that keeps your engine running smooth. Amongst your fluid change schedule, a proactive oil change can help reduce the friction in your engine, allowing the components to work under less stress. It also prevents the overheating of the engine, which can potentially lead to fires if not treated soon enough.

Amongst our scheduled vehicle maintenance, we also provide tune-ups, using computerized engine diagnostics to help uncover and identify any other issues that might be lurking. Through a tune-up, we can run a range of performance checks, inspecting the battery voltage, mechanical issues like bad gaskets, detecting air leaks, and much more.

A fuel injection service might be all that your auto needs, but we recommend sticking to your scheduled vehicle maintenance as closely as possible to avoid costly repairs in future, and HB Auto & AC can help you do just that.


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