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BMW Service in Huntington Beach

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BMWs are some of the most recognizable and well-loved cars on the roads today. There is something classic about BMWs; something that screams reliability, safety, looking good on the road but caring about what’s under the hood too. A BMW is the car for a person who wants the world to know they value aesthetics and performance.

Of course, you already know all this: you’ve got your BMW, and you love it. We at HB Auto & AC understand the unique relationship that BMW owners have with their vehicles, and that’s why we have made it our goal to provide the most comprehensive BMW service possible.

The vital maintenance

At HB Auto & AC, we know that maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle on the road. Proper maintenance ensures you don’t have to suffer frequent breakdowns, can help preserve your resale price, and ensure that your motoring experience is as convenient and hassle-free as possible. To help you achieve this goal, we offer full scheduled maintenance on all BMW vehicles.

Scheduled Maintenance

We’ll do what your car needs to keep it running smoothly. If we identify any issues, we’ll be in touch with you first, and then we can repair the vehicle at your convenience. We’ve handled everything from classic BMWs to brand new models, so we’re confident we can provide the thorough maintenance that you rely on to take care of your vehicle. We use special tools designed for your vehicle, the right equipment, and genuine BMW parts and fluids as standard– we don’t scrimp on the quality of the maintenance work we offer to BMW vehicles.

Repairs and fixes

Of course, sometimes, the unimaginable happens– your BMW needs to be fixed. Cars are complicated machines these days, and there’s a whole range of issues that can go wrong. Luckily, we know exactly how to fix these problems; we have the experience, spanning over 25 years, and we’ve not encountered a problem that stumped us yet.

Whatever you require, we know we can provide the repair you need and get you back on the road in record time.

We can handle BMW repairs involving the following components:

  • Keep your engine running smoothly by asking us for an oil change
  • If the temperature is spiking and your AC isn’t keeping up, we’ll repair your AC and climate control
  • We’ll prioritize safety and perform a complete brake replacement and repair as required
  • Just want to get a little more from that glorious engine? We offer BMW tune-ups that will ensure your car’s performance is always top notch.

Stay in the right gear with our transmission repairs for manual and automatic BMW vehicles

Problems with your timing belt will be a thing of the past with our expert timing belt replacement service… and many more besides. If you’ve got a problem with your BMW, get in touch with us, and we’ll go out of our way ensuring your BMW is running perfect.

We truly believe in the quality of work that we offer to our customers, and we’re willing to go out of our way to make you feel comfortable with the work we perform. That’s why we offer a warranty on all repairs. Our warranties last for 36 months or 100,000 miles — whichever comes first — and provide valuable peace of mind that protects your financial investment. If you experience any issues with your repair during the allotted time, we’ll fix it for free, helping to guarantee you worry-free motoring in the future.

We at HB Auto & AC also know that convenience is a huge requirement for our customers. No one wants to have to take the bus for a week while you want for your car to be fixed; that’s why we offer loaner vehicles for both maintenance and repair work on your BMW. You can leave your vehicle with us, spend a few days with a loaner, then return to collect your good-as-new vehicle from our repair shop; what could be more convenient than that?

Why choose us?


As you may have already gathered, at HB Auto & AC, we go out of our way to understand and assist our customers. We strive to reach the highest professional standards for any work that we complete; we know that our loyal customers rely on us. We want to offer the best BMW repairs and maintenance it’s possible to make, and we’ll guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the work we do.

Over our 25 years in the industry, we’ve learned that a customer focus is essential for good auto repair work. Everyone has experienced a bad auto repair at some point in their lives, so we strive to make sure your previous poor experience was your last. We’re genuinely passionate about cars, motoring, and the people who drive them, so you’ll always be in good hands when you opt for our BMW repair and maintenance services.

Our goal is to ensure that the repair or maintenance process is as simple, reliable, and trustworthy as it can possibly be. Of course, the warranty that we provide goes some way to achieving this; when your work is completed, you’re guaranteed an easier motoring life for the duration of your coverage. We also strive to be open, honest, and easy to talk to; if you’ve got questions about your vehicle, then we want to hear them so we can help to solve them. We’ll never hide behind jargon or try to inflate the price; we’ll just do what you need, because we fundamentally understand what truly matters to you– and we know our role is ensuring you receive the service that you deserve. That’s why we guarantee that anyone who works on your vehicle will be fully trained and certified to complete quality BMW repairs.

Where to find us

We’re conveniently located at Huntington Beach, CA– if you’re a BMW owner in the area, get in touch the next time you need assistance. We’ll always take the time needed to care for your car in the best way possible, helping to guarantee the worry-free motoring that you require.


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