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When you stay current with your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance, you will ensure that your vehicle is reliable and you will extend its overall lifespan. The experts here at HB Auto & AC can help you never miss a service and keep your car safe. 

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Most people don't spend any time thinking about or preparing for a scheduled maintenance visit to the shop. A good number of people think of it only after a warning light turns on, or their car doesn't start. The truth is - scheduled maintenance is actually the key to saving money on repairs.


Your vehicle’s owner's manual is the best way to understand what your particular vehicle needs to run smoothly for a long time. It was written specifically for your vehicle by the engineering team who designed and built it. It's a good place to go for you base knowledge.

The frequency of how often your vehicle need services also depends on how often you drive and your overall driving habits. For example, if you drive in dusty, hot, or stop-and-start conditions, you will be putting more wear on your vehicle and may need to shorten the span between recommended services. On the other hand, if you only drive to church on Sundays, you can probably extend your span between service visits a bit.




Manufacturers recommend routine service schedules based on a vehicle's age and mileage. Some of the more common intervals are every 30,000 miles. 30/60/90K service check-ups are designed to address your vehicle's maintenance needs, and allow an inspection of items that might need replacement, based on the respective mileage intervals.

Most 30/60/90K service checks will include the following items:

    • Oil Change
    • Tire rotation and balance, check and adjust tire pressure
    • Inspect and replace filters (air, cabin, fuel, etc)
    • Visual inspection of parts & systems: tires, wheels, brakes, lights, belts, hoses, drive train, fuel system, etc.
    • Replace fluids (cooling system, brakes, steering, etc.)
    • At higher mileage, spark plugs, timing belts, etc. may need replacement
    • Vehicle road test

For specific items checked, and the recommended replacement intervals for your vehicle, check your owner's manual.

Oil Change


If your car is less than three years old and has fewer than 36,000 miles on it, any mechanical problems are usually covered by your vehicle manufacturer's warranty. This warranty does not cover wear items like brake pads, and your car will still need routine maintenance, like oil changes, filters, tire rotation, inspections, and tune-ups, that you have to pay for.

Around the time that your warranty expires, the routine maintenance often becomes more involved. It's important to keep up with it, to prevent larger more costly repairs later on.


Some vehicles have a reminder light to indicate that a service, like an oil change, is required at a certain mileage point. Some vehicles have a maintenance light which will only illuminate when work on your vehicle is required. A sensor in the vehicle's engine calculates when the work is needed based on a number of factors that more accurately determine when your engine oil begins to break down.

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