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Since 1983, Chris Ramirez has been hard at work providing the highest quality auto repair and service Huntington Beach has to offer. Our services includes Electrical Repair, Air Conditioning & Radiator experienced experts, Complete maintenance and diagnostics. When you don’t know exactly what the issue is, we can help you with a diagnostic check and repair.

We are intent on proving to you that we are the most responsive, skilled, honest and caring automotive repair shop in Huntington Beach. We achieve this by first having a casual open dialog about your vehicle and any issues it may have before we start work. Our knowledge of vehicle systems will lead us to ask questions that will help identify the problem. The root cause of a problem may not be what is easy to assume or what you have been told. This dialog can often save you both time and money!


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Huntington Beach customers have come to recognize us as a most dependable auto service and repair team. We still pride ourselves in being able to REPAIR some parts where others REPLACE, saving people up to hundreds of dollars. Many Huntington Beach auto repair shops do not always include the latest technology and top-notch professionalism. However, as expert auto repair service technicians, Huntington Beach drivers will notice the difference with our services. We will diligently take the time to pinpoint the unique auto problem you are experiencing. In addition, when it comes to routine maintenance, no one is faster or more thorough than our team of auto repair technicians.

If you are looking for an expert auto mechanic in Huntington Beach, the team at HB Auto & AC is your ideal Auto Repair Shop.

Give yourself plenty of time to explore the pages of for informative blogs, valuable coupons just for your automotive needs, Air Conditioning, Radiator and other online resources from the hardest working garage in the Huntington Beach area.

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Our Auto Maintenance & Repair Services

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Your service manual is the best way to understand what your particular vehicle needs to run smoothly for a long time. It was written specifically for your vehicle by the engineering team who designed and built it.

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You can’t stop without them… and that could spell trouble! If it feels “squishy” when you step on your brake pedal, or if the pedal sinks to the floor before it slows your vehicle down, it’s time to get your brakes inspected. We’ll get your brakes fixed and get you back on the road safely.

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It’s just no fun when you’re engine doesn’t run! So, let us take care of it. Our expert certified Master Mechanics are skilled at troubleshooting your engine issues. From diagnosing the Check Engine light, to an oil change, timing belts, complete overhauls, and tune-ups… we do it all.

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If your engine is your vehicle’s heart, your radiator is its lungs, and both are critical. Your radiator cools your engine to keep it working long and hard. If you’ve got a leak, or if your temperature gauge is on the rise, get it inspected now, before it turns into a costly engine replacement.

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Got suspension problems? If your car bounces like the fun house, or if your tires are wearing unevenly, you may. Your steering and suspension systems are responsible for a comfortable ride and your vehicle’s handling. Let us ease your mind with a complete inspection.

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We've Got You Covered

We care about your vehicle, and we know we do outstanding work. That's why we're proud to provide you with a nationwide parts and labor warranty on most repairs performed in our facility. This warranty assures that no matter where you travel in this great country, the repairs you trusted us to make are covered by more than 35,000 of our independent partners. So no matter where you go, the trust that you put in your neighborhood shop… travels with you.

36 Month / 50,000 Mile Warranty

Our warranty covers your repairs for 36 months / 50,000 miles, for both parts and installation.

More Than 35,000 Partners Nationwide

More than 35,000 independent partner shops nationwide will honor your warranty. You're covered coast to coast!

12 Months Roadside Assistance Included

More than 35,000 independent partner shops nationwide will honor your warranty. You're covered coast to coast!

0 Hassle Claims Zero. (that means none!)

And there's absolutely no hassle claims reimbursement. Could it get any better?

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We’ve been happily servicing all former STRICTLY AUTOMOTIVE and BOLSA RADIATOR clients with the same great service and nice new facility. Bolsa Radiator was in business for 30 years and many people in the Huntington Beach, Westminster area came to expect the best in service and satisfaction for work on their cars and trucks. After the expansion to general auto repair as Strictly Automotive in Huntington Beach we were able to completely service our long held customer base, some customers have been with Chris and Joan longer than 20 years! We are very pleased to be here in Huntington Beach with our new name reflecting our area and commitment to servicing exactly what you want for your cars and trucks!

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