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Timing Belt Replacement

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HB Auto & AC offers timing belt replacement for a range of vehicles. You need to replace your timing belt for a fully-functioning and safe car, and we are here to provide the essential service.

Timing Belt

The timing belt in your vehicle keeps everything moving in the right way. As part of the internet combustion engine, it’s responsible for synchronizing the crankshaft and camshaft to open and close the engine’s valves at the right times. It’s crucial to correct functioning of your engine and vehicle, so ensuring that your timing belt is in good condition is vital. Older vehicles have typically needed to have their timing belts replaced every 60,000 miles or so. However, manufacturers suggest that newer vehicles don’t need to have the belt replaced as often. The usual suggestion is around the 100,000-mile mark, giving you more time to enjoy your car before it needs to be serviced.

If you don’t maintain your timing belt or chain, there is a chance that it could break while the engine is running. This will blow your engine, meaning you will require a full engine rebuild or even a new vehicle altogether. So neglecting to have your timing belt replaced could cost you a lot of money, and perhaps cause an accident too. If you stay up to date on your timing belt replacement, you can avoid a costly engine replacement and keep your car in top condition.

We offer scheduled maintenance service, during which we always check all belts and hoses to ensure there are no potential dangers lurking under your hood. These essential checks will help to pick up on any issues with your timing belt, which you might not notice otherwise. Although it’s useful to have a benchmark distance for when to replace your timing belt, just watching the odometer isn’t the most reliable method of knowing when it’s time to get a new one. There could be damage and wear and tear that you don’t know is there until it’s spotted during a routine maintenance check.

Symptoms it’s time for a new timing belt

Auto repair services There are some signs you can look out for that indicate you might need a new timing belt for your engine. For example, a ticking noise coming from the engine is a common symptom. Another possible warning sign is that your engine won’t turn over, so you’re left being unable to start your car. Your engine might also misfire, caused by the belt slipping on the camshaft drive. These warning signs should prompt you to book an appointment with one of our mechanics straight away. They aren’t guaranteed to be caused by your timing belt but, if they are, there could be a disaster on the horizon.

However, many signs of wear to your timing belt can only be spotted by taking a close look. That’s why it’s so important to check your vehicle’s timing belt during a scheduled maintenance check. Some of the signs we look for include the edges of the belt being worn down, cracking on the top or underside of the belt, and a shine of gloss on the belt, which indicates that it’s no longer as flexible as it needs to be. We also check to see if the length of the belt has been affected, which can reduce tension, and whether anything is misaligned.

If the timing belt on your vehicle does need to be replaced, the pulleys and tensioners need replacement too. In the majority of vehicles, the water pump will also need to be replaced because the timing belt drives it. However, this isn’t the case for all vehicles. Replacing everything at once reduces the chance of their being further problems due to another part of the system failing.

Vehicle Diagnostics

HB Auto & AC will carry out checks on your vehicle’s timing belt during scheduled maintenance and vehicle tune-ups, which includes a variety of other checks and maintenance tasks. While servicing your car, we will also change the oil, rotate and balance your tires, replace fluids, perform a road test, and more. It’s especially important to keep up a maintenance schedule once the warranty on your vehicle has expired and there is beginning to be more evidence of wear and tear.

Following the maintenance schedule for your vehicle will help you pick up on any issues with the timing belt. Routine maintenance involves checking the belt, among other things, so potential problems can be spotted before they cause a disaster. Watch and listen for any indications that you could have timing belt problems too, and don’t ignore any possible symptoms. Schedule your vehicle maintenance with HB Auto & AC and timing belt checks will be included in your package.


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