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Dodge Services in Huntington Beach


When choosing an Auto Repair Shop, you want to make sure that you’re picking the right team for the right vehicle. Someone who understands your Dodge, how they are made and how to best look after them can ensure that you drive away as happily as possible. At HB Auto & AC, we provide a whole range of Dodge services in Huntington Beach. Take a look at some of the services we provide and why they’re so crucial to your vehicle’s performance.

Scheduled Maintenance

All Dodges need regular maintenance to help them function as perfectly as possible. Keeping up with your Scheduled Maintenance book is going to help you retain its value for much longer, too. We know that life can be busy, and it can easy to forget your scheduled maintenance, however. That’s why we keep a personal log book for all customers, so we can remind you when it’s time for your Dodge Service. This way, you ensure your car is safe to drive, energy efficient, and prevents small problems from becoming big repairs down the line.


We have a full procedure to ensure that your car’s engine is always turning out its maximum performance. We take a look at the engine’s components and install or replace new parts as and when they’re needed, guaranteeing more power and a more energy efficient Dodge. Some of the services included in our Vehicle Tune-Ups include:

Air Filter

  • Visual inspection of the engine
  • Timing and idle setting
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Fuel system cleaning

If you’re noticing that your car is losing efficiency, losing power, stalling, or has odd noises like knocking coming from the engine, it could be a sign you’re in dire need of a tune-up.

Oil Change

Having high-quality oil in the engine is crucial to keeping your car healthy. Oil serves as the lubrication for all the different moving parts, making sure that they can keep running while keeping friction to a minimum. In turn, this stops those components from overheating. Neglect to change your oil when needed and the engine will get hotter and hotter, causing more damage.

It’s recommended you check the oil levels every month, but we can do that for you, as well as choosing the high-quality oil most recommended for your Dodge’s engine. We can also inspect your oil filter. Filters stop harmful particles from circulating around the system, but as time goes on, it becomes less effective. Most manufacturers recommended getting a filter change at the same time you get an Oil Change.

Air Conditioning

There are a few things more uncomfortable than a car that can do nothing to combat the heat of the summer. For that reason, you want to make sure that your air conditioning is being taken care of. Our expert technicians are able to thoroughly inspect and diagnose the AC of your Dodge, from the mechanical components to the electronics that ensure its usability.

We use only the highest quality parts for repairs and replacements, with a team of qualified and experienced in-house technicians to make sure everything goes smoothly. We specialize in Vehicle AC Repairs, which means we know the most common faults, how to source replacements, and how to get your AC up and running as soon as possible.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair Image

You don’t need us to tell you the dangers of brakes that aren’t as effective as they should be. Checking and changing brake pads may be a regular part of scheduled maintenance, but we keep an eye out for underlying issues that can put you at risk on the road. Here are some of the components we take a look at during one of our comprehensive brake inspections and Brake Repair:

  • Hydraulic brake fluid
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Power brake booster
  • Brake pedal
  • Electronic ABS
  • Disk brakes and drum brakes

Your safety is paramount, so we never settle for a brake repair that doesn’t ensure complete control the road. We have a full, thorough brake inspection procedure, so you know you can rely on your Dodge when it comes back to you.

Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

Your suspension ensures that your Dodge maintains firm contact with the road through its tires. When it begins to wear out, the car can start to list to one side and it can be harder to maintain control in a tight spot. Effective steering is almost always risked by suspension faults. They can be difficult to spot, being gradual over time. If your tires are wearing down quicker than they should, or your handling is becoming less reliable, it’s worth letting us look at your suspension.

We deal with faults like broken coil springs and shock absorber failure all the time. As soon as you suspect an issue, you should get in touch. The suspension and steering systems combine into one unit, so the longer any one issue goes untreated, the more damage it can cause to the rest of the system.

Choose HB Auto and AC for Dodge services in Huntington Beach

If you want a team of friendly, experienced, qualified specialists, then HB Auto and AC should be the obvious choice. We offer full nationwide parts and labor warranties on the vast majority of repairs undertaken by our team. No matter where you go in the country, you are covered thanks to our partnership with over 35,000 independent shops that will honor any work we’ve done. We can even provide a year of roadside assistance to our customers. Add our warm customer service on top of all of that and it’s not too difficult to see why Dodge drivers keep coming back.

If you want a team that you can trust with your particular vehicle, look no further than HB Auto & AC. We are proud to provide Dodge services in Huntington Beach that has seen us win many repeat customers. Need convincing? Just read what our clients have to for us on our testimonials page. If your mind’s all made up, you can call us at (714) 421-4535 and let us know what we can do for you.


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