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Every car needs maintenance now and again to make sure it runs at its best. One of the most commonly recurring tasks is removing the old oil in the engine and replacing it with new, fresh oil. Here at HB Auto & AC, we can provide a schedule oil change when you need with our responsive, friendly, and professional team making the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

Why you need scheduled vehicle maintenance

Simply put, all forms of scheduled vehicle maintenance are required in order to make your auto last a lot longer out there on the road. The engine is the heart of the car, however, and the oil change is one of the most important ways to make sure that the heart keeps pumping without issue.

Oil Change

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The engine is comprised of lots of moving parts. When these parts move, they rub together, causing friction. In turn, that friction leads to heat. The engine oil is there to both absorb that heat and to minimize the friction. However, over time, the oil wears out, losing its consistency and failing to lubricate the engine as it once did. When that happens, heat builds up a lot more easily. In time, this can lead to overheating.

When an engine overheats, it can cause a lot of trouble. It can warp parts of the engine or even crack the head gasket, meaning antifreeze starts leaking throughout the whole car. Beyond causing breakdowns, this means that your car might need much more costly repairs. Scheduling an oil change in Huntington Beach can end up saving you a lot of money.

When to get an oil change

How often you need to get your oil changed depends on the car you’re driving. On average, oil needs to be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, making it a much more frequent task than the other kinds of scheduled vehicle maintenance. If your car’s a hybrid or you’re using synthetic oil, it needs a change less often, usually around the 5,000-10,000 mile mark.

The specific details for your car should be found in the owner’s manner. A detailed maintenance schedule that every vehicle manufacturer includes alongside the vehicle. Beyond helping to follow your vehicle’s specific needs, your maintenance records are often directly tied to your warranty, meaning that if you fail to keep them, you might not be covered when you’re in need of a repair. They’re proof of a car’s good condition, helping them retain value when you want to sell it, as well.

At HB Auto & AC located at Autopark Drive in Huntington Beach, we’re a professional auto repair shop with certified and qualified mechanics fit to change oil and carry all forms of maintenance and repairs on all vehicle years, makes & models. There are no safer hands to entrust with the health of your vehicle.

While you wait

Changing the oil in your engine is a relatively simple task that we’re more than equipped to deal with, but it is a timely one. When you come in, we offer all kinds of additional auto maintenance to make sure that you don’t have to keep coming back for repeat visits.

If your maintenance schedule demands it, we can carry out auto tune-ups at the same time, running a battery of performance checks to ensure the engine is working in full order. This means looking at the battery voltage, identifying any mechanical problems like a bad head gasket or bad cam, detecting air leaks, check timing belt wear and tear and much more. A tune-up is essential for many reasons. Without them, your car can start to suffer a plethora of issues, such as becoming harder to start, hesitation or stalling, getting less mileage for each fuel refill and more. Sometimes, a new set of plugs is more than enough to remedy some of these problems.

We also carry out vehicle diagnostics checks during oil change & tune-ups. Our computerized engine diagnostics link with the computer interface of your vehicle and can further highlight auto repair needs. Car diagnostics can tell us about the ignition timing, build up in the combustion engine, engine rpm levels, air and coolant temperature, and that’s just a start. Once our computer captures all the data it needs, it pinpoints specific areas for our mechanics to take a closer look. It can highlight all manner of problems with the transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system and parts of the car that could need our attention.

As mentioned, we offer diagnostics alongside an oil change and a tune-up, but feel free to get in touch any time your Check Engine light in the vehicle is on. It’s easy to ignore the warning lights in a car and assume there’s nothing to worry about, but it could be a sign that something’s very seriously wrong.

Vehicle Maintenance We Offer on Autopark Drive

Vehicle Maintenance

A tune-up and vehicle diagnostics test alongside your engine’s oil change can highlight many issues that let us nip them in the bud before they lead to more costly repairs. However, we also offer a range of further scheduled maintenance that you can get alongside your oil change as and when your maintenance log dictates you need them.

For instance, we recommend getting your brakes checked whenever you’re in the garage. Brake pads and rotors wear out over time, which can lead to a much more dangerous time on the road. How often brake pad replacements are needed depends both on the brake material and driving habits in question. Some may need a replacement after 25,000 miles, some might need a replacement after 75,000. Regular vehicle inspection is the only way to know for sure and doesn’t take us long at all.

We can also check whether you need any auto air conditioning repair, other fluid replacements, tire rotation and balancing and much more. Our servicing is comprehensive and car specific, with a road test carried out to make sure we catch every issue.

Why choose HB Auto & AC on Autopark Drive

Our attention to detail, our level of customer care, and our expertise means there are few services nationwide that can compete with HB Auto & AC on Autopark Drive in Huntington Beach. We believe in our services and we believe in your satisfaction, which is why we offer $25 dollars off new customers only when you come in for your first repair or service. Get in touch and see how we can improve your vehicle’s performance and save you some money.


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