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Acura Repair in Huntington Beach

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As the luxury arm of the well-reputed Honda company, owners of Acura expect both quality and reliability when they purchase their vehicle. Most are happy with what they get. But only for as long as they’re taking care of their vehicle. Your Acura needs a little attention to detail and routine work just like every other vehicle. Whether you’re looking to keep your car in top condition for longer or you need help with a new issue, you can trust HB Auto & AC for Acura service in Huntington Beach. Take a look at some of the services we offer.

Acura care for you

We know the Acura line of vehicles like we know the backs of our hands. We have worked with all kinds of models in the family for years. From the RDX to the TLX, the Sedans to the HUVs, the Sports Hybrids and more, we can service any Acura you have. We know that you chose your car because you like luxury, you like quality, you like reliability, and you like the feel of the drive. At our auto repair shop, we strive to ensure that we provide the best care possible to preserve the experience you have come to expect from your car.

Maintain your vehicle

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If you want to maintain that experience, then you can’t ignore the factory scheduled maintenance and care. It doesn’t matter how reliable or well-built it is. If you’re not making all the necessary checks and replacements, it will break down at some point. Our scheduled maintenance can work in conjunction of your log book. If you don’t have it, we can look up the manufacturer specifications we have and ensure that you’re getting the kind of care you demand. This includes, of course, oil changes to make sure your car’s engine is free of friction. It also includes changing spark plugs, which will help maintain the fuel efficiency of your drive and ensure you keep the kind of power you expect. We can note down all the scheduled maintenance your car needs, so you don’t have to remember; we do that for you.

Optimize your vehicle

The engine is the heart of the car and, in a vehicle like the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, with its impressive 3.5L i-VTEC engine, it might very well be what attract you to your choice to begin with. Beyond the routine maintenance, at HB Auto & AC, we can ensure that you are getting every bit of power from your engine that you should be with a detailed tune-up. We work with manufacturer materials on engines to create a process that looks at every component, replacing air filters and optimizing your intake system, maintaining timing belts, and more. Engines can suffer over time, but we can help give your car back its youth if it has faded as of late.

Repair your brakes

A lot can go wrong in your brakes. From failing hydraulics to wear and tear to the brake pedals. Even if nothing’s mechanically wrong, electronic faults with the ABS system can put you in real danger on the road. If your brakes are even a little later to react to your command than they should be, that can put you at real risk. When we inspect your brakes, we ensure that we take a look at every part that can possibly contribute to your trouble. Of course, this also means that we can help you find the high-quality components needed for the routine brake pad replacement. We don’t do half-measures when it comes to your brakes; your safety depends on that.

Stay in control


Just as important as the brakes, when it comes to a safe driving experience, are the steering and suspension of the vehicle. If you’re bouncing as you drive, hearing strange noises, listing, or experiencing uneven tire wire, it’s a sign you have a problem with the suspension. It might seem annoying at first, but in time, it could see your losing control of your steering and putting yourself in serious danger. Parts of the suspension can rattle loose, your wheel alignment can be off balance, or you can suffer from issues like damaged springs or strut issues. Whatever is getting in the way of your control of the car, we are qualified to fix all manner of Acura suspension and steering trouble.

The highest quality parts, replacements, and fixes

When you get a fix from HB Auto & AC, you should know that you are getting a fix you can rely on. For all repairs and replacements, our team of ASE certified mechanics are chosen specifically for their experience and qualifications. We source OEM parts & oils, ensuring that all fixes are of the quality and caliber you expect of your Acura. What’s more, over 35,000 shops across the country back-up the guarantees we offer with all our work. We believe in the work we do, as do our partners, but if you do have any issues that we missed, you will at least know you can find someone to catch it no matter where you are.

HB Auto & AC – Acura repairs you can trust

Acura Repair

If you are looking for Acura repairs in Huntington beach, HB Auto & AC is the team you can trust. Qualified, certified, guaranteed, and highly experienced with Acura cars of every model and year, high-quality work is our guarantee. However, we know that trusting in your technician is important, too, which is why we focus on providing a level of customer service, transparency, and informative help that few can rival. We want you to know what help we’re providing and why it’s necessary so you’re never uncertain when relying on our judgement.

For repairs, maintenance, and optimization that can see you getting more for your Acura, why not stop by the garage. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing problems and you want to know what we can provide, call us and schedule a visit. If you’re still not convinced, drop by the testimonial page and see what other customers have to say.


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