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Honda Repair in Huntington Beach

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Honda is known for one thing above all else: their reliability. You probably purchased yours because you know its reputation and its pedigree and you know it’s a vehicle that can go and keep going longer than most competitors. However, your Honda is only going to last for as long as you make sure you’re taking good care of that. That’s where Honda services from HB Auto & AC come in. We offer specialized Honda services in Huntington Beach, ensuring that your car is every bit as dependable as you have come to believe.

We service a whole range of Honda Vehicles

Tune Up

Our team has worked with and knows how to care for the entire Honda line. Whether you have an Accord, Odyssey, Crosstour, Fit, Insight, Pilot, or any other Honda model, we will be able to help. From the most popular Honda models to those most obscure years, we can fix and maintain them all. Our certified technicians work with Honda Monday Through Friday, delivering manufacturer specifications so that you are taking care of your investment and ensuring the best driving experience possible. If you’re looking for repairs or maintenance, look no further than HB Auto & AC

Scheduled maintenance

Every vehicle needs a little routine care now and then, and your Honda is no different. Honda is famous for their long lives, but no auto can survive without the scheduled maintenance as outlined by their manufacturers. If you have a log book, we can help synchronize it with our own personalized accounts, so you never miss a piece of maintenance that you should have taken care of. If you don’t have your log book, you don’t have to worry. We are able to look up the requirements of all kinds of Honda vehicles and help you get up to date. From changing the spark plugs and the oils to taking complete care of your tires, we will ensure that your Honda has the care it needs.

Oil change

Oil change

Your Honda’s engine needs a particular kind of care on its own, too. An oil change is one of the most regular services we carry out and we can make sure that you’re getting a level of oil quality that is going to make sure your engine is well cared for. As time goes on, the oil lubricating your engine is going to start to wear down. When this happens, the friction is going to build, and heat is going to be produced by all those moving parts. Without a regular oil change, you are leaving your engine exposed to the risk of overheating. Besides causing the majority of breakdowns, this can even lead to dangerous fires that will result in extensive and costly damage.


We can offer more than simply ensuring your engine is healthy and well-lubricated, however. We can also help you increase the performance you get out of it and improve the feel and power of your ride with a detailed inspection and tune-up service. We work with manufacturer materials in crafting a process that helps us look at each component of the engine, repairing, replacing, maintaining, and optimizing where possible. This includes replacing old air and fuel filters, cleaning out the air system, checking the timing belts, and much more. If you feel like a little kick has been lost from your Honda as of late, you could be in need of a tune-up.

Brake repair

>Brake repair

There are few things more important when it comes to your confidence in your car than brake repair. You need to know that your car is able to react as soon as you command it on a road. Even a difference of a half-second delay when braking can be the difference between a dangerous situation and a near-miss. Most car owners know that brakes are some of the most regularly troubled parts of the car. We can offer the brake pad inspections and replacements that cause most problems, but we also ensure that we take a closer look at every part of the brake’s anatomy. We take a look at the hydraulics, the mechanics of the brake pedal, the electronics of your ABS system and more. If there is something causing your breaks to become faulty, we will find it and fix it.

The highest quality parts, replacements, and fixes

On top of the services listed in detail above, we can carry out a whole range of work that looks at every detail of your car. We specialize in air conditioning and heating work, making sure you have perfect control over the climate in your car with top-notch radiator and car cooling fixes. We provide OEM parts and fluids, making sure that anything we put in your car is of the top quality on the market. We offer steering and suspension fixes, too ensuring that you have the control you demand of your car. At HB Auto and AC, we do it all.

Bring your Honda down to HB Auto & AC

We are the first port of call for Honda services in Huntington Beach. We already have a long list of happy clients that we have earned in the years since we first opened. A large part of that is the quality of customer service we offer. We know that you don’t just want a car that works, but you want technicians that you can trust and believe in with affordable prices to boot. What’s more, all our work is guaranteed, with over 35,000 shops through the country all ready to back-up our work and provide any additional fixes if you need them.

If you’re looking for Honda services in Huntington Beach, then you need to look no further than HB Auto & AC. Whether it’s a mechanical or electrical problem, our team of experienced Honda experts will be able to make the fix, find the parts, and keep your auto in the condition you expect of it.


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