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Whether you’re new to the area or just looking for a new mechanic, Autopark Drive is the best place in Huntington Beach to make sure all your auto repair and scheduled vehicle maintenance needs are thoroughly met. Of the teams in the area, HB Auto & AC offers the most thorough, professional, and customer-friendly service of them all. Let’s take a look at just some of services we offer, why they’re so essential, and how we stand out above the rest.

Servicing and Routine Maintenance

There are many different elements of the car that need regular maintenance. Every vehicle comes with an owner’s manual, which highlights the different maintenance tasks and how often you need to do them. Each task is essential in keeping your car in top condition longer and reducing the risk of malfunctions that could cost you a lot more. An owner and their garage keep logs of these tasks when they’re carried out. Often, keeping up-to-date with the owner’s manual is essential to falling within the warranty if something goes wrong. What’s more, it helps you retain more of the car’s value over time.

Schedule Oil Change

Scheduled Oil Change

The oil change is one of the most frequent scheduled vehicle maintenance tasks required by your owner’s manual. It varies from vehicle to vehicle how often you need it done, but it’s usually between every 3000-5000 miles. For hybrid vehicles or drivers using synthetic oil, it can go as a high as every 7500 miles.

The oil in the engine lubricates all the moving parts, reducing the friction they build and absorbing the heat caused by that friction. However, oil breaks down over time, which allows the heat to build more freely. Eventually, this can lead to overheating, breakdowns, and further engine damage which can be much costlier to repair.

Oil changes are simple for a qualified auto repair shop, but they are essential, and they take time. If you’re scheduling an oil change in Huntington Beach, we recommend you bring it to us so you can get some of the following services while you wait, as well.


Another part of your regular routine maintenance is getting a full auto tune up. Our vehicle tune-ups often include an oil change, but they also include a whole range of changes. This includes replacing the most regularly cycled parts of the car, including the engine air filter and the spark plugs.

Beyond the replacements, a tune-up includes a thorough vehicle inspection. We can check timing belt, the battery charge, the ignition timer, and much more. All-in-all, it’s about making sure the most vital parts of the car are in working order. It can catch many issues early, or simply optimize the vehicle’s performance, so it doesn’t stall, suffer from slow starts, or consume too much fuel.

Depending on the vehicle, getting a tune-up every 45,000 miles on average is recommended. If you see your Check Engine light is on, however, it’s a sign you need one sooner, so drive down to our shop on Autopark Drive Huntington Beach.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

Nowadays, modern cars rely not only on the mechanical engineering but the complicated computer systems they’re linked up to, as well. Every car computer comes with a diagnostics tool that we can link up with. This computer runs a whole series of tests on the transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system and much more. When it’s done, it gives us a series of data points, helping us see which areas of the vehicle might need more attention.

This service can be an invaluable tool for preventing or solving a wide range of issues that can be easy for the average driver to miss, so we provide vehicle diagnostics checks during oil changes & tune-ups. Every time you come in for a service, we can give you a comprehensive update of its health, including which parts might need a closer look.

New Brakes


Your breaks are, of course, essential to the safe driving of your car. The most common issues are the need for simple brake pad replacements. Often, worn brakes are noticed by the metallic screeching sound they make, but they can lead to much less responsive braking. We give your brake pads a simple check every time you need scheduled vehicle maintenance. The pads’ lifecycle depends on driving conditions, driver habits, and the material of the brakes, so routine checks are essential.

HB Auto & AC located on Autopark Drive has over 25 years of experience diagnosing and repairing brake issues of all kinds, so we’re fit to tackle all vehicle years, makes & models. Directions to HB Auto & AC

Air Conditioning Repair

Your car’s AC does a lot more than keep you cool and comfortable. When it’s in bad condition, it consumes a lot more fuel, forcing you to spend more money just to control the temperature. Our team is experienced with all things auto AC repair, offering a specialized service that’s a cut above many of the more generic services from other garages.

Often, reduced power or increased energy consumption in an AC unit is due to a lack of maintenance rather than repairs. We ensure a thorough check before launching into any repairs, meaning that you don’t have to spend extra if it turns out that it only needed routine maintenance after all.

Steering and Suspension

The brakes, suspension and wheel alignment systems are essential for controlling the car on the road. If you find your car veering off to one side, bumping or shaking more than usual, or producing an uneven wear on the tires, it’s a sign there’s something wrong here.

Our team of qualified mechanics will perform a thorough check of all the shocks, struts and springs of the suspension systems, helping you retain your stability and sense of control over your vehicle. With all services, we test drive the vehicle, making sure that the work we do under the hood and under the car matches what we feel on the road.

Whether you’re in need of a new mechanic or concerned something’s wrong with it, bring your vehicle to HB Auto & AC on Autopark Drive in Huntington Beach for all your scheduled maintenance and auto repair needs. We offer $25 off new customers only, so you can save money and make sure you’re getting the top-notch service you deserve before deciding to stick with us.


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