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Jeep Services in Huntington Beach

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Are you looking for Jeep service and repair in Huntington Beach? Need a team that you know you can trust with your vehicle in particular? At HB Auto & AC, Jeeps are one of our specialties, being one of the most common choices of our customers. We know how they are made, what they’re made of, and how to take care of them. We have all the parts, fluids and expertise you need, so take a look at some of the auto repair services we provide and how we can be the partner you need for your Jeep.

Scheduled Maintenance

The factory recommended scheduled maintenance of your car is vital to its health, its performance, its value, and your future finances. Small faults are easily caught through maintenance, allowing us to eliminate them before they become a more serious threat. We can help you remember maintenance appointments with our own log book, reminding you when it’s time for services like:

Spark Plug

  • Checking fluids
  • Checking the oil
  • Inspecting the timing belt
  • Cleaning battery contacts
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Getting tires rotated and balanced

Make sure your Jeep is safe to drive, energy efficient, and packing all the power it’s supposed to. Get in touch with us for your routine maintenance.


The engine is the heart of the car and a tune-up is essential to making sure that heart is beating nice and strong. We have a comprehensive procedure for inspecting the components of the engine and figuring out whether repairs or replacements are needed. Every engine is different, which is why our tune-ups are specialized to your Jeep. This includes timing and idle setting, replacing air and fuel filters, cleaning the air system, and more. Without a tune-up, your engine will lose power and your Jeep will become much less reliable.

Oil Change

pil Change

Oil is what’s needed to keep the heart of your car pumping. The oil’s primary function is lubricating the different moving parts of the car. Without a fresh oil change, all those components create friction as they move against one another. Friction is the enemy, causing the engine to overheat. In some cases, this means that your engine can fail as parts get hotter and their structural integrity starts to break down. However, enough friction can start a fire that does serious damage throughout the entire engine.

Bring your car in so we can check oil levels every month and recommend the high-quality oils that will best maintain the health of your Jeep’s engine. If you need an oil filter replacement, we can provide that, too.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Keeping the car cool, especially in the summer, is more than just an issue of comfort. It can be a serious risk to your health to drive in a car that an overheated interior. For that reason, air conditioning faults should not be treated as a secondary repair, but rather a top priority. If your AC is on the fritz, let our qualified technicians take a look at it. Our inspection and diagnosis procedures can spot all of the faults in the mechanics and the electronics that keep it working.

Some of the most common AC issues we deal with include the following:

  • Freon leaks
  • Clogged expansion tubes
  • Compressor failure
  • Damaged condensers

No matter what’s causing your AC to stop providing that precious cool air, our auto ac repair can get to the bottom of it.

Brake Repair


The brakes are essential to the safe driving of your Jeep, as you most likely well know. Many car owners are familiar with the wear-and-tear brake pads can undergo and the need to replace them but that is far from the only issue that can reduce the effectiveness of your brakes. The mechanics of the brake pedal and hydraulics, the electronics behind your anti-braking system, all of them work together to provide you with the kind of control you need.

At HB Auto and AC, we ensure that every one of our brake repair services is comprehensive. We don’t miss a detail since your safety is on the line. If your brakes need any replacement parts, we can quickly source and supply those specific to your Jeep.

Steering & Suspension

Is your car bouncing as you drive? Are there unsettling noises you can’t explain? A rattling that just won’t quit? Or maybe your tires are wearing unevenly. If you suffer from any of these issues, it could be the first symptom of something seriously wrong with your steering and suspension. Those small issues can become huge problems, making your car harder to control on the road. As soon as you suspect a problem, you need to make sure it’s taken care of as soon as possible.

Brake Repair

Some of the most common suspension repairs we take care of include:

  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Worn out shock absorbers
  • Strut problems
  • Damaged springs
  • Weakening ball joints

Effective suspension systems are crucial to the structural integrity of the Jeep, not to mention your safety. If you’re concerned about it, let us know and we can diagnose the issue in no time.

Why choose HB Auto and AC for Jeep services in Huntington Beach

Our customers are more than happy with us for a variety of reasons. One of them is our matter-of-fact and friendly customer service. Another is that we provide transparent and competitive pricing for our services. But it may also be because we offer full nationwide parts and labor warranties on the vast majority of repairs undertaken by our team. It might also be our partnership with more than 35,000 shops throughout the country that will honor any warranty you have with us. It’s hard to pick one reason our customers keep coming back, so check out our testimonials to find out for yourself.

Our Jeep services on Autopark Drive in Huntington Beach are built for the precise needs of your vehicle. HB Auto & AC’s team is experienced, qualified, trustworthy and reliable. Just read what our clients have to for us on our testimonials page or call us at (714) 421-4535. Let us know how we can help you.

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