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HB Auto & AC

7332 Autopark Drive
Huntington Beach, CA, 92648

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Great service. They took care of my A/C problem. I would recommend.


My visits to Hheaven auto repair have been pleasant. No surprise charges. 2 year 24000 mile warranty. I will keep bringing my Chevy to Steve's for repairs and service. I'm a happy customer.


A lot of people complain about the high cost of auto repair and service today. Cars are pricey to maintain and repair, notably when something significant gets damaged. But just because your bill was $1499 for a new transmission doesn't mean you were misled. Big ticket items like engines, transmission, even computers, fuel injectors and catalytic converters are expensive to replace no matter who does the work. Hheaven can handle all these repairs backed by a 2 year 24 mile warranty.


I was in Huntington Beach and I had an issue with my car, I started calling places I found on my phone to get my car worked on. I called numerous auto repair places in the area and no one would give me the time of day, I needed the work done quick but I didn't want to get ripped off, I think my 3rd or 4th call was to HB Auto & AC, right away I felt they cared about me and wanted to help me get out of this bad situation I was in. The owner Chris, got on the phone and from the start was trying to help me over the phone without even charging me anything or trying to get me to his place. I knew I was in great hands and felt I could trust him if I went to his location.. Needles to say I ended up at HB Auto and had a great experience, not only did they repair my car really quick but they didn't over charge me.. The employees were all very helpful and the owner himself went out of his way to make sure I was taken care off.. I don't live in H.B but will be willing to drive the 30-45 minutes to get that type of service and affordable prices. If you live in H.B or surrounding areas and need any work on your car this should be your first call, you wont regret it.. BTW they have special promos all the time, just look them up on line under their name.


They have the best customer service I have ever seen from a repair shop. I am a girl that doesn't know much about cars and they are always able to explain my cars problems so that I can make a knowledgeable decision. I had a problem with my air conditioning from an accident that happened over a year ago and they were not only able to fix it but were also able to get it covered by my insurance and I got a free loaner car in the process. Couldn't have been easier!


I’ve found Huntington Beach Transmission long before the business moved to their present location. As one who has had an extensive history and background in automotive repair, I have found that they can consistently diagnose and perform repairs to any of my vehicles in a reasonable time and at a competitive price. Several times, my friends have had work performed at their facility and have had very positive results. It doesn’t seem to matter what the problem might be, they can diagnose and repair it accurately and at a fair price. I don’t hesitate to recommend Huntington Beach Transmission to anyone with confidence.


(this review is from my grandpa) From a grateful senior citizen- Over the period of years I've had many cars. At sometime or another they needed repairs. Now that I am a retired senior with a fixed income, I have had to watch my budget very carefully. I now have a very old car, 21 years old. these last couple of years I've needed repairs. I would get estimates on the repairs, WOW! Ive had to wait a couple of months to raise the money. Then I found these guys. Chris is the owner. I had him work on my cars when he was at Bolsa Radiator Repair. My car needed repairs and they helped me financially with terms that I could afford. My old car is running great! Frank also helped me buy a battery and tires at a cheaper price. If it weren't for them I'd be walking. My wife was already thinking that I might have to buy another car. To my many older citizens I highly recommend this place. Their motto " it isn't always about money, its about customer relationships." give them a call, you'll be glad you did (and relieved)


H heaven wanted to charge me $410 for an ignition switch to be installed. I asked them how much the part was costing. They said $147.00. I asked them how much the labor would be. They said $263.00. I told Josh the mechanic that this price seemed to be very high, and asked if he was negotiable on the price. He said no and the computer is set to give a mechanic 2 1/2 hours to do the job. I found the same part at AutoZone for $52.00. I installed the part in a little under 45 minutes( I took my time & had lunch). I don't recommend them because they are way overpriced, dishonest, and unproffessional. this posting is from Richard Mikol, not Zach Mikol. thanks

Dear Tar- Zaz'k, HHeaven has recently been acquired by HB Auto & AC located nearby at 7332 Autopark Dr, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. HB Auto & AC is passionate about auto maintenance & repair! We want to prove to you that we are the most responsive, skilled, honest, and caring auto repair shop in Huntington Beach, CA. Please consider an opportunity for us to earn your trust and business on your next auto service or repair.

- H B Auto & AC

I would recommend HB Auto & AC to family. I recently changed mechanics and found HB Auto & AC. I have submitted 4 cars into their shop in the last 12 months, incurring costs of over $6,000.00. I can say that every diagnosis they made was correct, the estimate for the job has never been exceeded by the final bill, and every job has been the final solution every time. All you can ask from a mechanic is honesty and communication. Frank has provided both at a professional level, consistently. Here is my testimonial: The first car I brought in was a BMW, 1998 328i. Registration was up, I needed to submit it for a smog check, but the check engine light was on. Frank ran the code and notified me that it was the VVMOS unit that was malfunctioning. At that time he communicated that when they remove the valve cover, I may also need to replace the solenoid--which ended up being the case. Before Frank installed the new solenoid, he invited me into the shop. When I arrived, he had the gasket cover removed and the new VVMOS installed with the original solenoid. He then started the engine and showed me that the code was still appearing due to a faulty solenoid. Ever since this exercise of communication and honesty, I have taken Frank at his word. The repair for the BMW was exactly what he quoted me before I gave him the keys. My most recent experience with HB Auto and AC is the greatest testament to their graciousness, ethic and quality of service. I own a 1981 Toyota 4x4. It is completely customized and there is very little left that is the same as it was when it came off the line. My friend and I had been attempting to restore it the best we could. However, after completely disassembling the front axle, leaving only the axle housing and suspension, my friend's mother became ill. I had the truck towed to HB Auto and AC, missing a front axle and the cooling/intake disassembled from the motor. Just to provide a visual: we are talking over 200 miscellaneous parts in boxes that were not labeled, organized or with instructions; some new, some old. Frank was very fair with me, communicating from the beginning that he didn't know how to charge for a project like this, nor has he ever handled this vehicle with so many modifications. At every turn, Frank has taken my calls, invited me in to see the progress and been up-front and honest with me about the labor charges and missing parts. He has told me that there would be delays because he refused to re-assemble anything without the correct torque specifications and/or factory instructions. Diligence that I'm positive will pay off 5 to 10 years from now when I am climbing a rock in the middle of nowhere. There are just very few mechanics around that you can throw this type of project to, that can handle it and be as fair as Frank has been with me. I am very appreciative of them for even taking this on and I am confident in the work that they have done. The Mechanic they assigned to my project, Andrew, has even taken the time to entertain my stupid questions while he is supposed to be working on other assignments. Again, I would recommend this shop to anybody. Based on the gamut of jobs they have done for me, I can assert that there isn't anything these guys can't handle.


My history with Huntington Beach Transmission dates to a time before Bob owned the business and have followed him as he has changed locations. As a person who has a history of mechanicing, I look for a place to take my vehicles that can do three things: accurate diagnosis, proper service (or repair) and at a reasonable cost. In the years I have had work performed at Huntington Transmission, they have always been able to tell me exactly what needed to be done and have performed the work in a prompt and professional manner and at a reasonable cost. Bob and Adrian are trustworthy and knowledgeable people and can be trusted when I send my friends there to take care of their transmission needs. It is without hesitation That I would recommend Huntington Transmission to anyone.

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