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Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

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Every car can experience problems from time to time. It’s important to understand that your car slowly degrades and picks up problems after it’s been in use. That’s why we offer scheduled vehicle maintenance services that help you to keep your car in peak condition. When these services are performed, small problems can be fixed so that they don’t become larger ones. And changes can be made to your car to ensure it stays healthy and performs well while on the road. You can learn a lot more about these services by reading on now. All the information you need to know about what happens during the scheduled vehicle service, why your car will benefit and why it’s important not to miss out on this maintenance work is discussed at length.

You can learn a lot more about these services by reading on now. All the information you need to know about what happens during the service, why your car will benefit and why it’s important not to miss out on this maintenance work is discussed at length.

What’s Involved in Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance?

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

First of all, it’s important to discuss when you need to schedule service. Your service manual will give you all the information that is specific to your car, its year, make and model. On top of that, the age of your car will come into play. Older cars tend to need more regular service, so take this into account. Cars that have been on the road for a long time tend to big up more problems due to wear and tear. So, what’s involved in a scheduled vehicle maintenance service? The tires of your car will be inspected and rotated if necessary. This is always an important part of the process because tires can pick up a lot of damage when they’ve been used for thousands of miles. Tire rotation ensures that they don’t become unevenly worn. And this can sometimes be related to the wheel alignment of your car, so this is checked too. A vehicle road test will also be carried out to ensure that your car is fully fit to be on the road and be driven safely. Cars that have been on the road for a long time might need to have things like spark plugs replaced too. The air, cabin and fuel filters that can be found in your car will all be checked and replaced if necessary. A visual inspection is always carried out to see if any problems can be picked up that were not spotted previously. Our team of professional mechanics knows what to look for.

Fluid Level Checks

There is a range of fuel level checks that will need to be carried out on your vehicle as well. The engine oil will be changed. This is important for your car and helps to keep your engine in great shape for as long as possible. That’s something that’s key because you don’t want to face engine troubles further down the line. The automatic transmission fluid will also need to be checked; it’s easy to top this up if necessary.

Radiator coolant is another important fluid that your vehicle relies on because you don’t want it to overheat at any point in the future. This has all kinds of ramifications for the rest of your car if you let it happen. If there is an underlying problem with the persistent loss of radiator coolant, it may cause problems that lead to additional vehicle cooling system repair. Otherwise, the problem will just keep on coming back and causing you problems. Some cars need power steering fluid, so if that’s the case, this will be checked too.

The brake and clutch fluid in your car needs to be kept somewhere between the upper and lower limits that are displayed on the tube where it’s stored. We can replace these fluids and make sure that they are kept at the right level for the good of your vehicle. Your brake system is vital, and if the brake fluid is too low or hasn’t been changed for a long time, it can get damaged unnecessarily.

Costs of Any Necessary Repairs

We will always strive to give you a fair deal on your service. Of course, the overall costs can vary depending on how much repair work needs to be carried out on your vehicle. If your car is still under warranty from the dealer or manufacturer you bought it from, they should cover the costs of all this for you. Be sure to read your warranty and know exactly how much you are required to pay, or if it is covered under manufacturer warranty or an extended warranty that may have been purchased. There is no sense in spending money when your warranty will cover it for you. This is something that many people just forget about.

Scheduling a Service in Huntington Beach

Service in Huntington BeachIt’s easy to get in touch and schedule a service if you need to have one performed on your car. It doesn’t take long, and we are easy to contact. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your service manual so that you know exactly when your car next needs to be checked. And, as mentioned above, make sure that you think about the age of your car. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the mileage. If your car has racked up many miles, this has the same effect as aging, so you will need to have maintenance services carried out more regularly.

The Importance of Not Missing Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Visits

If you do get into the habit of missing these all-important scheduled vehicle maintenance visits, you will put your car at risk. All those minor problems that are barely noticeable to most drivers will pile up as the years pass by and the mileage on your car slowly increases and increases. Before long, you will experience a breakdown. And you might then have to deal with big repair bills that could have been avoided if you had come to us and had the car checked and maintained properly. That’s how important not missing these visits is.

As you now know, it’s vital to have your car maintained and checked over by a professional. Our certified technicians, master mechanics, and customer care experts can’t wait to answer your auto repair questions, schedule a maintenance or repair service appointment for you, or tell you about our 36 month / 36,000 mile repair warranty. Get in touch with us today here at HB Auto & AC in Huntington Beach if you want to schedule a service anytime soon.


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