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Engine Service

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Are you worried that your car engine might need a service. An engine service is crucial to make sure that any issues with your vehicle are resolved and to guarantee that you can avoid a costly repair. If you don’t get an engine service when necessary, the situation will only get worse leading to expensive issues and trouble with everything from fuel efficiency to a potential breakdown at the side of the road. A failure to get a needed tune-up could even mean that your car is less reliable and more dangerous to drive.


A lot can go wrong with a vehicle engine but the good news is that there are signs you can watch out for. By recognizing the signs, you can make sure that you take your car in for an engine diagnostics when it is necessary before things get worse. Here at HB Auto & AC, we can handle all types of engine repairs and services that you could need. From a head gasket replacement to a suspension repair we can take care of it all with expertise and the latest, advanced equipment.

But first, you need to know the signs your vehicle needs an engine service. So, what should you be watching out for?

Don’t Ignore The Check Engine Late

The most significant sign that you need an engine service is the check engine light is flashing or is remaining constant on your dash. Depending on the model or make of your car, this light will either be yellow, amber or red and can have a variety of different symbols. Be sure to check your user manual so that you can recognize it if it does appear. This light should not be ignored and points to a serious issue that must be rectified immediately. Failure to do this will likely lead to severe engine damage or even a complete failure of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, a check engine light doesn’t tell you what the problem is. It could be anything from a cylinder overheating to a high level of air in the gas mix. Bring your vehicle to us and we’ll be able to investigate, diagnose and fix the issue that is causing your check engine light to appear.

Low Gas Efficiency

Low Gas Efficiency

Perhaps the check engine light isn’t on at all but you’ve noticed another issue with your car. You might have noticed that your stopping at the gas station more often as of late. A change in your driving style can lead to lower levels of gas efficiency, but it could also be a technical issue. For instance, it might be a sign that your filters need replacing. Filters are responsible for keeping dirt and muck out of the engine. If your filters are failing, then this can lead to heavier gas costs for you.

This might also be due to an issue with the fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are the delivery system for the fuel in your vehicle. If the carburetor sprays or combustion chamber are dirty, then you will see a low level of fuel efficiency, leading to more stops for gas. We can fix this issue with a fuel injection service, ensuring that they are as good as new.

Warnings And Errors On Sensors

You can encounter a range of different issues on the sensors of your vehicle. You could get a warning on the dash that the coolant is low. Alternatively, you might find that an issue with the sensor does once again present itself as a check engine warning light. If you do notice a warning like a low coolant level you might check and discover that the coolant is actually at the right point. If this is the case, then it could be an issue with the sensor and this will need to be replaced. This is just one of the examples of a sensor that could need a repair or a service.

Issues With Performance

Issues With Performance

It is possible that you have noticed a change to the performance of your vehicle. Does the steering feel stiff or more clunky than usual? Perhaps you no longer feel like you are in complete control of the car or maybe you’ve found that the brake distances are longer than usual. This could point to the need for a brake pump replacement or if you notice that the car feels different a possible suspension repair. It’s crucial to get issues like this checked because they can make your car more dangerous to drive. For instance, a power steering repair can stop you fighting with a stiff steering wheel.

An issue with the performance of your vehicle could also point to a simple issue like a problem with one of the spark plugs. Spark plugs can get dirty and suffer from a build-up of grit. When this happens, they won’t ignite and this will cause issues in your engine as well as the general working operations of your vehicle.

Without a trained expert, you won’t be able to tell whether an issue with your vehicle is due to a problem with the brakes, the suspension, the radiator or even the spark plugs. But we can and we’ll have your car diagnosed and fixed in no time at all, so that it’s ready for you to use on the roads once more.

Smells, Sounds And Other Senses

If there’s no check engine light on and no noticeable change in how the car runs, you might think your car engine doesn’t require a service. Don’t be so sure though because it’s possible that the first sign of trouble is actually a sound or a smell. For instance, you might find that there’s a grinding noise coming from your car engine. This could be as simple as the fact that your car needs an oil change or it might be a more complex problem. You might discover your vehicle needs major tune-ups due to a funny smell. A burning scent in or around your vehicle should always be checked out and a full engine service will often be required.

Trouble Starting

Finally, you might have noticed that your car is having trouble starting. This could be because you need a battery replacement. Our expert diagnostics team will be able to tell you this for sure and fix any other issue that your car might have.

We hope this helps you recognize some of the common signs that your vehicle does need an engine service. Have you spotted issues like this in your vehicle? We can handle everything from transmission and clutch services to a full timing belt replacement. With our expert attention, you can make sure your car is as good as new, providing fantastic fuel efficiency and running like a dream.


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