Welding Huntington Beach On Your Car or Truck

(and other odds & ends)

This is something of a lost art. Mostly, there is no welding that needs to be done on today's vehicles. Even the exhaust system can be bolted into place. That hasn't stopped Chris from doing so on special or applicable situations!

The most fun repair is on an Air Conditioning part that would otherwise cost labor to replace, plus the price of the part!

Suppose a leak was releasing the air conditioning refrigerant, causing the AC to fail. Suppose the part that was leaking was repairable by a weld and the "hole" was accessible. A judgement call would determine if a weld will hold and that's what we do! Most shops shy away from such repairs because of the money they can make by REPLACING the part versus repairing the part.

On a good friend's truck, there was a small exhaust leak that made noise. This leak was on top of the pipe at the catalytic converter that was installed by welding sometime previously. Usually no problem. We have seen this before where an exhaust leak "seems" like an engine vibration. After a quick weld to stop the leak, the "vibration'" was now gone! Two birds with one stone, or weld.

A show quality 1963 Cadillac intake manifold had warped badly at the center ports that carried exhaust gasses to the carburetor to warm the base for better fuel efficiency. We welded up the gap, resurfaced the ports to match and presto! The original part lives to see another show inspection and pass with function and flying colors.

A favorite that we will still get is welding a freshly poked hole in a new aluminum radiator or air conditioning condenser. We can even do so in a not so new radiator or condenser!

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