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Your Alignment FAQs Answered

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Your Alignment FAQs Answered

Your car's alignment is one of those things–when it’s off, you can just tell. Some people realize that their vehicle has some alignment issues as soon as they pull out of the driveway, especially if they’re in the vehicle every day. However, even though you can feel that alignment being off, you may not know what this means and how high of a priority it is for your vehicle.

The Basics of An Alignment 

Many auto shops will use the terms alignment, tire alignment, and suspension alignment interchangeably. Regardless, your alignment is going to adjust the suspension of your vehicle. If these are out of alignment, you put pressure on other joints and points of your car. That’s one of the reasons alignment is so important: an improperly aligned set of wheels can affect every other part of your car. 

How Will I Know If My Vehicle Is Out of Alignment? 

As mentioned above, sometimes you can feel if something is off, and we’d always suggest coming in to get your car checked off if you have a gut feeling. When it comes to alignment, there are a few signs that your vehicle needs some work done:


Uneven wear in your tires. Noticing one side of your car is getting worn down quicker than the other may be a sign of improper alignment. 


Vehicle pulling to one side or the other. Vehicles that require recalibration on your part over time likely need an alignment. 


The car isn’t going straight even when the steering wheel is straight. This is the easiest way to tell if your alignment is off! A car that needs a wheel alignment will skew to the left or right even if the steering column is straight, requiring you to adjust your driving.


Strange noises. Sometimes, a car out of alignment can show up with your tires or steering wheel making noises.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Get My Alignment Fixed?

Unfortunately, tire alignment isn’t something that fixes itself. If you don't get it adjusted, it’ll mess with your tires, vehicle suspension, and more. Over time, it’ll add more pressure to your vehicle and affect other things. 

How Often Should I Get a Tire Alignment? 

If you think your alignment is off, you should check it out right away. Otherwise, it’s good to get it checked every 6,000 miles or so. Alignment can become off over time, but it’s also caused by hitting curbs or potholes, off-roading in cars that aren’t made for it, or going too quickly over speed bumps. If you’ve done one of these things recently and something feels off, don’t wait until you hit your next 6,000 miles. At HB auto, we can give your alignment a peek if you have any worries. 


Ready for your alignment check? We have your back! At HB Auto and AC, we offer a full range of repair services on numerous vehicles, including tire and wheel alignments. We invite you to schedule vehicle maintenance with us to show your car some love. Like us on Facebook for news and updates!


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