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Why Is Our Auto Repair Team Known For Automotive Air Conditioning Repair?

Welcome to our March blog! We hope the arrival of spring means good things for you and your family this year. As the seasons change, so does the focus. We strive to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, in moderate, gentle ways.

Have you ever looked at HB Auto & AC’s banner and wondered what the AC stands for? It means air conditioning, but that ‘AC’ might seem incredibly out of place in a temperate location like California. 

AC is not a typical auto repair focus, but AC is most definitely our focus here at HB Auto & AC. We’re known around Huntington Beach or Fountain Valley as the AC experts. So what makes HB Auto & AC the place to go to first for air conditioning auto repairs?

In the simplest terms, after owning a radiator shop over 25 years that’s the way things turned out. When owner Chris Ramirez began working on cars, he found AC units a big focus of his business. Some interesting times put car after car in his garage for air conditioning repairs, and he learned the ins and out of air conditioning repair firsthand. 

As Chris built his team over the years, they also became AC Supermen. Their diligence and creativity catch the leaks that other service shops miss. Over time, they learned to see what other mechanics missed and catch the air conditions issues wholly and quickly. They would charge systems overnight, check them first thing in the morning, and discover leaks that no one else might.

For the HB Auto & AC team, uncovering problems with air conditioners has become a source of pride. We hope you will remember the AC in our name, as we’re certainly proud of it. Should your AC system perform poorly for you, or should anything else be amiss, call on us to service your vehicle’s air conditioning. 


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