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Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Your senses are very dependable when it comes to detecting vehicle problems. Besides seeing things that need repairs, it is essential to hear and smell what is occurring. Smell is often overlooked when driving, but it can be very telling. At first, you may think it'll go away. But if a scent lingers, then it's time you do some digging around. For instance, if you are in your car and smell the scent of what reminds you of rotten eggs, then you may need to pay closer attention to what we have to say.


The presence of an awful odor isn't something that anyone would enjoy smelling. If you are in your vehicle and smell sulfur, you need to recognize this as a problem. Three things can cause your car to have this terrible smell. You may be experiencing a broken catalytic converter, a failing fuel pressure sensor or worn-out fuel filter, or agedtransmission fluid.

  1. Broken Catalytic Converter: Your catalytic converter is a component of the emissions system. Whenever gasoline accidentally makes its way to the catalytic converter, it will convert hydrogen sulfide into sulfur dioxide. The rotten eggs smell is most likely sulfur dioxide. Consequently, you will probably need to have your catalytic converter replaced. 
  2. Failing Fuel Pressure Sensor/Worn Out Fuel Filter: The fuel pressure sensor regulates fuel flow within the engine. When your fuel pressure sensor fails, the machine can run with too rich of a fuel mixture. As a result, the fuel can overload the catalytic converter. A dirty fuel filter can also lead to similar results as an influx of sulfur deposits are being burned up in the converter.
  3. Old Transmission Fluid: Old or dirty transmission fluid can also lead to a nasty egg smell if your transmission fluid starts to leak and is burnt on top of other components. 

If your nose catches the smell of rotten eggs, please have it investigated at once! If you need any part of your vehicle inspected, please give H B Auto & AC a call or visit today!

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