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When to Replace the Water Pump

Some people would say that the water pump is the heart of the cooling system. In most cases, this critical cooling system component can last a very long time. That’s not to say that it can never fail. Please bring your vehicle to H B Auto & AC for regular cooling system inspections to ensure the water pump is in check to keep your engine cool. 

The water pump is located under the hood, and it is responsible for pushing coolant from the radiator to the engine and out. It helps facilitate the cycle of the coolant flow. It should be replaced every 60-100K miles as a  preventative measure.

How to Tell If Your Water Pump Needs to Be Replaced

When your cooling system component is faulty, it can put your engine at risk of overheating. No one wants to deal with this complicated and expensive performance issue. That is why you should bring your vehicle to our shop at the first sign of a failing water pump.

  • Coolant Leak
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Steam Coming from Under the Hood
  • Unusual Sounds
  • Engine Running Hot (High Temperature Gauge)
  • Dashboard Warning Light Comes On

We can inspect your water pump and other cooling system components to pinpoint the problem. Water pump repairs are quite labor-intensive and require tools and expertise. We can also check your timing belt’s condition too since the water pump is powered by it.

Please call or visit the automotive repair specialists at H B Auto & AC for water pump replacements and other cooling system solutions.

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