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What is a Power Steering Fluid Exchange?

A power steering fluid exchange is one of those services that may not be required very often, but may be necessary on older vehicles or vehicles will very high mileage. A power steering fluid exchange consists of removing the old fluid, cleaning out the fluid chamber, and putting in fresh fluid. It's not necessarily a required service, but can definitely be a key factor in vehicle maintenance for older cars. 

If a mechanic checks your power steering fluid and finds that it looks really dirty, they may suggest a power steering fluid flush or exchange. So what does this power steering fluid actually do? The job of the power steering fluid is to help you make sure that you can turn your steering wheel accurately and without problem. 

However, as it is with all fluids, the power steering fluid will become dirty and break down over extended periods of time. Therefore, this service is typically recommended every 100,000 miles or so and don't worry - it is a fairly inexpensive service to have completed. 

Dirty power steering fluid can also cause your power steering pump to fail, which is another reason why this service is recommended. If your power steering pump is failing, you may notice a whining noise while turning your steering wheel, a stiff steering wheel, a slow responding steering wheel, and other symptoms. 

If you suspect that your vehicle needs a power steering fluid exchange, give us a call here at H B Auto & AC and we will be happy to assist you and make honest recommendations regarding your vehicle. 

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