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What Is a Catalytic Converter?

Most people worry about engine pollution from cars plying around the country daily. Fortunately, there is no need for alarm because most manufacturers fit these vehicles with catalytic converters, pollution-reducing units. With decades of war on emissions, this technology is present in virtually every modern exhaust system globally. Governments such as that in the US have enforced laws for manufactures to fit catalytic converters to every manufactured car. The catalytic converter forms a staple base for every emission control.

What is a Catalytic Converter and What Does it do?

The catalytic convertor technology is a new technology to reduce our vehicle's effect on the atmosphere. Unless yours malfunctions, is stolen, or broken there is no reason for motorists to worry. Its main function is to clean harmful gases from your vehicle's exhaust emissions.

How do Catalytic Converters Work?

The technology used in catalytic convertors turns harmful chemical reactions into harmless gases in forms such as steam. Inside the converter, manufactures have strategically positioned a honeycomb structure coated with catalysts. This ceramic honeycomb is big enough to convert more emissions quickly and efficiently. These brilliant gadgets convert the harmful nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons present in the exhaust emission into useful nitrogen and oxygen. Most catalytic converters are popularly known as three-way catalytic converters because of the three gases they eliminate from the exhaust emission. Inside the catalytic converter, you will find an oxygen sensor that communicates with the electronic control unit (ECU) to regulate the air/fuel ratio for an efficient oxidation process.

Types of Catalysts in the Catalytic Converter

Inside the catalytic converter, you will find at least two main catalysts. The two main catalysts include:

  • Reduction catalysts: This reduces nitrogen oxide pollution through a chemical process commonly referred to as reduction. This process involves removing oxygen from the box to reduce harmful nitrogen gases into harmless oxygen and oxygen.
  • Oxidation catalysts: The catalyst reduces through a chemical process known as oxidation reactions that involve adding oxygen to the converter box.

Catalytic Converter Theft

While most car owners often do not know much about catalytic converters, their theft has become rampant. If you need a secure replacement from a trusted mechanic or reputable service station, give our auto repair shop a call today and take bold steps toward a harmful emission-free future!

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