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What Happens When Your Water Pump Wears Out?

When we are working with our vehicles, there are some parts that fail and do not need replacing promptly. The water pump is not one of these parts, though. It is one of those parts of the engine that cools it down. If it goes, it must be replaced immediately. Here are some warning signs your water pump may need replacing soon.

You Notice Unhealthy Circulation

When your water pump is functioning correctly, it will move coolant through the radiator and around the engine. It usually runs with the aid of a pully. When it is beginning to fail, the pump will create poor circulation via way of the impeller.


If in the morning you notice there is an orange or green puddle beneath your vehicle, think it may be the water pump. You will want to get the part looked at as soon as you can.


What is Ick? Ick is a tell-tale sign of a slow leak. It causes buildup and corrosion on the parts that the water pump circulates the coolant from and to. If you have a slow leak, it is not necessary to replace the part promptly. You may want to have it looked at, though.


There may be noise that you hear from the front of the engine. The cause might be a loose belt. To repair a loose belt you may get away with merely tightening the tensioner. Also, there are other noises that you may hear in the front of the engine while it is running. These noises could indicate a bearing needs replacing.


Once your water pump fails, your engine will overheat. The signs that you are going to have engine failure from overheating will be that your coolant light comes on and you have a gauge on your dashboard indicating you are overheating.

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of replacing your water pump, you will get many warning signs. Take note of these tell-tale signs. They are telling you to replace the part before it becomes in a state of disrepair. If your water pump fails, your engine could be next. That is why we invite you to bring your vehicle into our shop at the first time of trouble!

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