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What Are the Symptoms of Low Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a critical component of your car's hydraulic braking system. It amplifies the force you exert using your foot on the brake pedal, turning it into pressure, bringing your vehicle to a halt. The energy from your foot is exacerbated by a vacuum booster usually located just behind the pedal. The boosted force initiates activity in the master cylinder, gushing the pressured brake fluid into the brake lines. The brake fluid will then travel through the brake lines until it arrives at the caliper on each wheel.

Without brake fluid, it would be impossible to stop your vehicle by simply stepping on the brakes. The critical importance of brake fluid reflects the need to ensure that it gets replaced immediately after it goes low. But how do you know if your car is running low on brake fluid? Below are the signs:

Warning Lights

A typical brake system is made in such a way that it delivers warning lights as an indication that your car is running low on brake fluid. Your first course of action in such a case is to get a mechanic to inspect your oil pan gasket and ensure that there are no leakages.

Problems with your Brake Pads

You might realize that in recent trips, you have been experiencing unusual challenges while trying to get your car to stop. Your pedal brakes no longer respond to the minimal pressure you are used to exerting using your foot but require you to apply extra force. In such a case, you need to replace your brake fluid immediately.

An additional indicator that your vehicle is running low on brake fluid entails unusual vibrations in your brake pads while braking.

Unusual Activation of ABS

An ABS is usually activated when you avoid skidding or slowing down on a slippery road. But when your ABS starts on a dry road, it indicates your car is running low on brake fluid.

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