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What are the Common Fixes of Brake Problems?

Brake problems are usually an indication that your brake system may need a brake repair or service. Brake issues can be scary, so having any problem addressed as soon as possible is important to your safety on the road. As soon as you notice an issue with your vehicle's brakes, get your car into the experts here at H B Auto & AC for an evaluation. 

Here are some of the common fixes of brake problems: 

  • Low brake fluid can be a cause of worn disc brake pads which can be replaced or there is a leak within the brake system. A leak of brake fluid can cause brake failure, so this is very important to address quickly. 
  • If your brake pedal looks low, this means that the rear drum brakes may need to be readjusted. Worn brake linings and a brake fluid leak can also cause this. 
  • If the brake pedal is soft or spongy, the brake fluid level is low or may have air bubbles. The fix is to bleed the brake line. 
  • A brake pedal that goes to the floor in order to get brake power indicates worn brake linings, misadjusted drum brakes, or air in the brake lines.
  • If the brake pedal pulses or vibrates, this can indicate a warped brake rotor which can be resurfaced. 
  • If you hear a scraping noises from the brakes, this is usually from metal to metal contact from worn our disc brakes pads. 
  • If your vehicle pulls to one side while braking, one side of your brakes may not be working. 
  • A hard brake pedal points to a problem with the brake booster. 

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above, don't delay! Bring your vehicle into the experts here at H B Auto & AC and we will ensure that your vehicle's brakes are repaired and restored. 

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