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Vehicle 1234yf refrigerant recharge in Huntington Beach

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A vehicle’s air conditioning system or AC system as it’s also known is a vital part of it; you don’t want to be driving around in a car with a damaged AC system, you’ll need vehicle AC repair! That’s why taking care of your car’s air conditioning system is so important. When it comes to being comfortable on both long and short journeys, air conditioning plays a pivotal role. That’s why taking care of your vehicle’s AC system is so important.

If you’ve noticed that your car’s air conditioning is no longer working as effectively as it used to, then this is a sign that there is a problem somewhere along the line and you’ll should stop by HB Auto & AC. The good news is that although the cause of issues with an air conditioning system can be serious, usually they are fairly easy and affordable to fix. Regular maintenance is also vital for a car that has a well running air conditioning system that is free from any faults.

When it comes to your air conditioning, you want to know that you are leaving your vehicle in good hands, and at HB Auto & AC we understand that. That’s why when it comes to your air conditioning needs, we are the people to book your car into for a checkup.

Wondering what needs to be checked when it comes to your car’s air conditioning system? Read on for a simple guide to what should be checked and where problems are most likely to be found.

Refrigerant issues


A common cause of problems with auto AC systems is the refrigerant. You see, how it works is simple: your central air conditioner works by creating a complex form of heat transfer with the assistance of a chemical refrigerant. When the level of refrigerant starts to run low, this heat transfer cannot take place, and the unit is no longer able to create cold air. If this occurs, it means that it may be time to have your air conditioning refrigerant recharged or refilled.

It’s also important to ensure that you research the type of refrigerant that your car’s AC system uses. There are different types of refrigerants, these include the older versions – the R12 and the 134a as well as the newest and most eco-friendly option, the 1234yf, which is the option that we offer at HB Auto & AC. While you could opt to purchase the coolant yourself and refill the system yourself, it’s far safer to contact an expert to deal with it for you to ensure that your vehicle’s refrigerant recharger is performed correctly. At HB Auto & AC we can offer a 1234yf refrigerant recharge that is quick, safe and highly effective.

Problems with the condenser

Every air conditioning unit has a condenser fitted within it which is used in the central air conditioning system and tends to have a heat exchange sensor that is used to cool down and condense incoming vapor from the refrigerant, turning it into a liquid. The compressor than raises the pressure of the refrigerant and moves it along.

When the condenser becomes blocked or broken, it can lead to all manner of issues, including making the air conditioning system blow hot air. Not being able to cool your car down when you’re driving can make even the shortest of journeys highly uncomfortable, which is why problems like this need to be dealt with by a professional auto repair shop that specializes in vehicle diagnostics and repair of car air conditioning systems.

The compressor isn’t working properly


The compressor has the job of circulating the refrigerant required for heat exchange that is performed through the coils of the AC system, and they also provide energy to the refrigerant. When you think about the energy that an AC system requires to run, you are thinking about the energy that is required for the compressor to be able to run effectively.

One of the tell-tale signs that an air compressor is not working properly is noise. You might notice that your car’s AC is making more noise than usual and is perhaps hissing to clunking when in use. These sounds are caused by the motor, as when the motor can no longer work as effectively as it once did, nothing else works effectively either. Unless you want to use an air con system that only blows warm air, it’s essential that you get your car booked in for a diagnostic air conditioning assessment so that the problem can be found and repaired.

Issues with the receiver-drier

Another part of your car’s AC system that could run into problems is the receiver dryer. This part of your car’s air conditioning system. If you start to notice that the refrigerant may be leaking, you hear rattling noises, or you can smell mold when you put your car’s AC on, this is a sign that there may be an issue with your air con’s receiver dryer.

While you could attempt to determine if this is the issue yourself, it’s always far safer and more effective to bring your car to a qualified garage so that its receiver dryer system and any other parts of its air conditioning system that might be affected by this issue can be checked over by a professional, such as our team of professional air conditioning specialists.

Concerns about your AC Inline Filter

Air Filter

AC inline filters are exactly what the name suggests – filters. This air conditioning feature filters the refrigerant inside the AC system. These need to be able to trap any excess moisture and contain it, as well as contaminants and debris within the system. Modern systems are well designed to help prevent problems, such as blockages from occurring. However, sometimes issues can occur, especially in older systems.

The issue is that air conditioning systems contain refrigerants that when mixed with moisture can cause hydrofluoric acid to occur. If this acid is left unchecked it can wreak havoc on your car’s AC system – over time this acid can impact the wiring of the system, it can impact the compressor in a negative way and can lead to the need for a while new compressor system which can be extremely expensive. That’s why it’s far better to ensure that when it comes to your AC’s inline filter, you keep up to date with regular maintenance checks and have any required repairs performed as quickly as possible. At HB Auto & AC, we understand how essential quick appointments, speedy diagnostic checks, and fast fixing times are, which is why we always endevor to provide a high-quality AC auto repair service that is fast and effective.

Failing expansive valve

Another essential feature of auto AC systems is the expansive valve, also known as an orifice tube, a key aspect of the system in place that can cause serious problems if it begins to fail. The signs that there is an issue with this part of your car’s AC system include the air conditioning not working as effectively, as usual, frost being seen in the vents, and the AC compressor running constantly and not stopping as it usually would do.

If you require this problem to be diagnosed and dealt with, our qualified team of air conditioning specialists can help. Our team are able to quickly and effectively diagnose this type of problem and get your car’s AC system repaired and working again fairly quickly.


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