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Understanding Your Modern Automobile Air Conditioner

Photo by Ninofficialphotography on Pixabay

Understanding Your Modern Automobile Air Conditioner

Are you sweating during your morning commute? 


It’s hard enough to get to work some mornings. Don’t let the drive over be another factor in an already busy day. If you’re at your wit's end with your car’s A/C, you might be surprised to find that modern automobile air conditioners are a little different than the ones you learned about when you first hit the road. What’s changed the most about your A/C system over the years is its refrigerant: freon isn’t used anymore!

No More Freon

Freon is a refrigerant previously used in vehicle ACs, and some vehicles may still be running on it. The EPA has required vehicles made after January 2020 to use R410A, colloquially named Puron. But vehicle manufacturers stopped using freon long before it was required. Partly because of the risks to the O-Zone layer and partly because other chemicals emerged. 

Thermostat Control

Additionally, many cars have a thermostat control now. This matters to you if you’re an A/C blaster: you wait until your car is sweltering hot and then turn the A/C on full blast to cool your car down. Modern cars have a thermostat control that functions better when left on, instead of blasting when the car is too hot or cold. 

Something Not Working Right? 

Knowledge is power, but knowing about freon and thermostat control might not change that your AC is having trouble.

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