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Transmission Service

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To put it simply, your transmission is the collection of components, known as the drivetrain or powertrain, the converts the energy produced by the engine into torque, which turns that axles that rotate the wheels. It not only converts but regulates that power. The power produced by the engine is too much, at first. The transmission manages the engine’s RPM and wheel’s RPM, keeping them at an optimal rate, which ensures as smooth, responsive driving experience.

Signs you’re in need of transmission repair and servicing

Transmission repair

However, the transmission system of the car is a host of complex parts that work together to ensure that the power produced by the engine is properly transmitted and regulated. Without working transmission, your car can become unstable and much more dangerous to use. For instance, gears may shift back automatically, making it more difficult to control your speed. This is when transmission repair is required.

Here are a few examples of signs that you need an expert to take a closer look at your transmission:

  • If your car has trouble changing gears smoothly and responsively, you might find that the engine isn’t responding to you when you take your foot off the gas or is slower to accelerate. This is a result of the gears slipping due to faulty transmission.
  • Leakages beneath the vehicle can be hard to identify at the best of times. If the fluid leaking from your car is red, dark red, or a ruddy brown color, then it may be transmission fluid, which is essential for healthy transmission.
  • Noises while shifting gears could be a sign of a transmission in need of repair. Mechanical grinding noises and high-pitched squeals can indicate a host of issues including low fluid levels.
  • Similarly, if you smell burning when shifting gears, that’s a sign of several different issues. For instance, your transmission may be in need of a new clutch plate or your transmission fluid may be overheating.
  • If you’re driving an automatic, your vehicle may shift gears seemingly at random. This could be an issue with the transmission computer sending faulty signals to the system.

If you notice any of these issues, then your transmission needs attention as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more expensive and time consuming your repairs are likely to be. Now, we’re going to look at some of the services we offer for your transmission service and repair. Our qualified mechanics carry out thorough and comprehensive inspections to ensure we advise only the most essential course of action, but here are some examples to help you stay as informed as possible on the process.

Clutch replacements


The clutch is the component that transmits power from the engine into the gearbox and isolates it, allowing you to change gears through it. With a broken clutch, you effectively lose the medium through which you control the entire transmission of the car. This can be extremely dangerous. Your clutch can wear down over time or stop working as the result of a malfunction. Here are a few signs you need it replaced:

  • Your clutch feels different as you press it. It may feel sluggish, unresponsive, loose, or vibrating.
  • New noises, such as clicking or squeaking, when you press on the clutch pedal.
  • You can rev the engine, but acceleration is
    very slow.
  • Your clutch slips, occasionally causing your acceleration to cut off for a short period of time.
  • You have more difficulty when trying to change gears.

There are a whole host of different clutch issues that can arise. Whether you need a repair or replacement depends on what’s causing the issue. We can take a closer look to give you both the most effective and cost-effective options so you’re never driving out of our garage without a working clutch and a good deal.

Flywheel replacements

The flywheel is a mechanical device that stores energy to supplement the torque provided from the engine. It ensures that the car keeps running smoothly as you engage with the clutch, keeping vibrating to a minimum and ensuring that the gears shift effectively. The flywheel is responsible for many of the issues with faulty transmissions, and here are some of the symptoms yours has gone bad.


  • Gears slip, meaning you might not be able to change gears, or they can change by themselves. Sometimes, a gear may slip back shortly after you have just changed it.
  • A burning smell can present as a result of improper clutch control. If it’s not a driver error, it may mean that the flywheel’s spring mount feature has deteriorated, which results in more vibrations and friction, causing the smell.
  • Vibrations from the floor can be another sign that the spring mount feature has deteriorated.

If you notice any signs of a bad flywheel, the most likely course of action is to replace the spring mount feature or replace the flywheel entirely. We can help you find out which is necessary.

Transmission fluid flush

Like all the fluids in the car, your transmission fluid needs a transmission flush from time to time. This fluid cools and lubricates the different moving parts of the transmission system, ensuring that friction and heat is kept to a minimum. As the fluid is used, it gets worse at lubricating and cooling, necessitating a replacement.

Besides a transmission fluid replacement, however, a flush will completely get rid of the old fluid in the transmission instead of “topping it up.” This is essential if your current fluid is contaminated with particles that can also affect the performance of any new fluids introduced.

Book your transmission repair and services at HB Auto & AC

Whatever the issue with your transmission, getting to the bottom of it as quickly and accurately as possible is essential. Bring your auto on down to HB Auto & AC at Huntington Beach and we can perform a full inspection of the transmission system. Whatever the problem, we will perform only the repairs, services, and replacements most necessary without adding on any unnecessary charges. Our first priority is to ensure that you can drive your car safely out of our garage.


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