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What Is the Difference Between Antifreeze and Coolant?

Keeping your engine at a stable temperature is vital to the longevity of your car. If it gets too cold, your car won't start, but too hot, and it'll stop working in a climactic way. You should do your best to keep your engine at a perfect operating temperature by monitoring its antifreeze. The problem is many people confuse antifreeze with coolant. They might sometimes be interchangeable in certain situations, but they are not the same. We will help you better understand your car's cooling system to avoid this confusion when you take your vehicle into the shop.


What Is Antifreeze? 

Antifreeze is a concentrated solution consisting of ethylene glycol and silica. The chemical components help lower the freezing point of the liquid that flows around your vehicle's engine. 


What Is Coolant?

When combined with water, the antifreeze becomes coolant. This product helps regulate the engine's temperature to keep it from both overheating and being too cold to function. Coolant can be sold by a manufacturer or mixed by yourself. When you choose to DIY coolant, make sure you are using distilled water. Using filtered water is recommended because regular tap water could contain contaminants that could impact the cooling system. The mixture of antifreeze and water then goes into your cooling system through the radiator.


The Difference 

As mentioned above, antifreeze is an intensive solution of ethylene glycol and silica, while coolant is simply antifreeze combined with water. This mixture is what helps control your engine's temperature. 

6 Symptoms That Your Car Needs a Coolant Flush

1. Your temperature gauge is reading hotter than usual.

2. You notice leaks from under your vehicle.

3. There is a loud, grinding noise coming from the hood of your car.

4. You notice there is debris or bits of rust in the existing solution.

5. You see steam emitting from your engine.

6. You catch a sweet, maple syrup-y scent from the engine.


Coolant Flush Service in Huntington Beach, CA

If you notice any of the symptoms above, bring your vehicle to H B Auto & AC immediately. If you wait any longer, your engine is at risk of further damage. Our trained mechanics are experienced in servicing many vehicles, and they can have your engine healthy in no time. Give us a call or stop by our shop today!


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