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Our New Weekly Blogs!

The move to weekly blogs 

HB Auto & AC has been your local park for over 25 years. We’ve watched many of our customers raise families to retire. Now we look after some of the kids of our original customers, and soon, we’ll be serving their grandkids!


As we go, we’re starting to grow. We want to connect with more people and talk to them about cars, AC, and Huntington Beach. The best way of doing it is by sharing some vital information and advice on our weekly blogs. Another important thing you may have noticed recently, our April blog was published last week on the 4th, instead of on the 1st, as we usually do. That’s because we’re switching to a weekly format. 

Sneak peek at new weekly blogs. 

Don't worry-- the increase in blogs won't slow us down, or change the quality of our content. HB Auto & AC will continue to give you advice on cars, share more ideas to keep your vehicle in good condition and learn more about our auto repair and the community of Huntington Beach. We'll just be doing it more often!

Some of the upcoming blogs topics include: 

Huntington highways

Neighborly etiquette

Current events 

Tips on how to take care of your vehicle

Facts you probably didn’t know about your car 

The causes of not reading your vehicle’s manual 

Review feedback

Tailgating recipes

...and much, much more!  


Make sure you keep an eye out for our new installments each week for some sound advice on how to properly take care of your car or truck. Here at HB & AC Auto repair, we love to see our clients happy and take proper care of your vehicle. 

Thanks to all of our loyal customers, and a glad welcome to all our new customers. We hope that you’ll enjoy the new content and will chat about it on our social media channels. At HB Auto & AC, we want to take good care of you and your car. We offer a full range of repair services on numerous vehicles. We invite you to schedule vehicle maintenance with us to show your car some love. Like us on Facebook for news and updates!


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