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Now on this I may have limited information. I will tell you everything I know about this relative to auto application and personal knowledge. For those who are easily intimidated by the unknown and if you don't know what nitrogen gass is or does, fear not. You are breathing it as you read. It is approximately 79% of the air you breath. It is colorless, odorless, inert. It's inertness is it's value when it is used in the support shocks that hold up your rear hatchback door or engine hood. No oxygen means no oxidation to rust inside of these support shocks or large variance of pressure in the usual temperatures we live in. So it works well as a low weight spring. It also is installed in tires of airliners, military vehicles, UPS trucks, and probably in NASCAR and drag racers.

We sell nitrogen as a tire enhancement and it works to a certain point. No rust at the rims, stays in the tire longer because of the molecules are larger, doesn't vary as much in pressure or temperature. It can help with fuel mileage. My favorite story about nitrogen is with Harry.

Harry is retired, running around the US in his diesel pusher motor home. Saw our “Nitrogen!” sign and insisted we install it in all 6 of his large motor home tires. 2 weeks later, the phone call I wont forget. “Wow! This is great! My gas (diesel) mileage is great! Almost double with the nitrogen in my tires”. Our job as mechanics is to see through metal and plastic and tell the future. Now I had to be a detective through the phone. I responded to Harry. “Harry, what else is going on?” After a few inquiries he confided in me that he recently purchased a new Saturn vehicle that he is towing behind the motor home at no more than 60 miles an hour because of the dealerships recommendation for his new Saturn. With a larger vehicle, there can be compounding wind resistance and power demand between 50 to 70 miles an hour. Harry is still one of our favorite people.

If you want, we have Nitrogen for your tires.


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