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Motor or Engine Noise?

Car Trouble

As long as I’ve been around vehicle repair it always strikes me as curious to see how things come in waves. A particular brand vehicle might have electrical problems for a year. Another will have brake related problems. Maybe we get a bunch of window repairs on all cars…

This year we’ve seen six cases of motor or engine noise.

Not unusual in an auto repair shop, but the nature of the engine noise I’m referring to is a clacking or knocking. It’s sometimes slight, sometimes more pronounced, and most of the people bringing this to us are new customers.

More interesting is the actual source of the engine noise. Every case of that mysterious noise that we have seen is from a LACK OF MOTOR OIL in the engine! Holy smokes!

Check Your Oil

We all get busy, but I implore everyone to please check their own oil, or have someone else do so, at appropriate intervals. Serious damage can happen if an engine runs low on oil. A newer vehicle is less likely to go low on oil because of the newness of the gaskets, seals, and rings. As a vehicle ages the gaskets and seals wear and fail. The rings may wear and allow oil to burn like John Candy’s old Mercury in the movie, “Uncle Buck.”

Not all engine noises are serious.

To prevent ANY engine noise we highly recommend regular service or inspection by experienced technicians. We are always pleased to do ‘quick check’ on all of your vehicle’s fluids at no charge for all our customers, and many of their sons and daughters, who are way too busy to think of such things.

If you hear ANY unusual sounds, especially engine noise, from you vehicle, have it checked immediately.

Mention this article and we’ll get on your car like a 1955 Texaco service station!


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