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Is Your Vehicle Ready To Roll If Disaster Strikes?

Photo by Brice Cooper on Unsplash

It’s been a rough past year, and we’ve got one more important month to get through-- the dry, hot days of September. The hottest month of the year, August is also the least wet month. As we enter the decay of Autumn, the dry weather and blistering heat make wild areas, forests, and savannas brittle and combustible, and it only takes one careless spark to destroy the homes and livelihoods of millions of people. 

An essential element in a repeating crisis is that we learn from the mistakes of previous years without realizing through loss. In the event that disaster strikes and you need to self-evacuate, it is vital that you adequately prepare your vehicle for what could be a long trip and that you are ready to go (if and when the call comes). 

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your vehicle is evacuation-ready:

Check for Physical Damage Regularly. Pay attention to every Engine Light that is present at this time. Know how much tire tread remains on your tires. If you are experiencing any anomalies regarding essential details such as brakes and steering, get those looked at immediately. 


Get Monthly Check-Ups. Get a check-up in the summer months leading up to the dry season (July, August, and September). We offer a free inspection when you bring your car by for any service at HB Auto & AC. Here’s what needs checking:

Belts and hoses

Tire pressure

Fluids (Oil, Brake, Transmission, Wipers)


Keep Your Tank Filled with Gas. Whenever you take a short trip, consider topping up if your tank is less than 75% full, and definitely stop for gasoline if you are near to the halfway mark. Please do not stockpile gasoline in cans and containers, creating a fire hazard centered on your own home.


Keep a Well-Stocked Emergency Kit Handy. Make sure you have the things you need to keep your car going, like a battery charger, a tire inflator, emergency provisions and water, a solar-powered flashlight, and so on.


Don’t put off repairs that you might need in a hurry later on! HB Auto & AC is your one-stop-shop for auto repair. To help you stretch your repair dollars, take advantage of our online couponsWe look forward to seeing you and your vehicle soon. Please schedule vehicle maintenance to ensure that your car is ready for an emergency. You’ll be glad you did.


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