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Is High Octane Fuel Really Better?

We’ve all associated the terms “regular”, “mid grade”, and “premium” to gasoline before, but do you know what they mean? They are associated with octane ratings, which is a measure of the gasoline’s ability to resist engine knocking. Ultimately, you should not switch to a higher fuel unless your engine is rattling or pinging, signaling that the ignition process is premature.


Gas stations typically offer 3 octane ratings, with regular gas being 87, mid-grade at 89, and premium rated at 91 or 93 or higher. Engines with high compression ratios or turbochargers require the higher rating of octane fuel. However, most cars can typically run on regular gasoline. Unfortunately, many drivers make the mistake of associating the higher number rating and higher price of premium gas with better performance and fuel economy.


If your vehicle’s manufacturer simply recommends using regular gasoline, then filling up with premium is a costly mistake. It won’t make the car run quicker, perform better, or get better mileage by any means. The only time you should consider upgrading your gas is if your engine is suffering from excessive knocking.


How Do You Know What the Right Octane Level Is For Your Car?

The answer can be found in the owner’s manual. Additionally, most automakers nowadays have a label on the fuel port or tank that has the recommended ratings. 


Does Higher Octane Fuel Clean the Engine Better?

While it may be important to you to have a clean running engine, a higher octane is not the right solution. In fact, premium gasoline doesn’t outperform regular gasoline in preventing engine deposits from forming at all. Therefore, save your money and put that towards maintenance for your vehicle’s fuel system. 


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