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How to tell if your coil springs are bad

If a truck uses coil springs, it is necessary to check any errors in them. Any slight error may lead to damage to other parts or damaging the coils further.

The following are the symptoms of broken coil springs

  • Vehicle sag
  • Underside noise
  • Tire wear
  • Vehicle sway
  • Bouncing movements

Vehicle sag

The main use of the coil springs is to balance the trucks from the underside. Without the springs in place, the truck would sag into the downward direction. Such a sag depicts a defect in the coil springs. When a sagging track can be seen in several ways. A litmus analogy of the normal truck sag is when sitting on the driver's seat. There is a feeling of leaning backward depicting a change of defect in the coil springs.

Underside Noise

Do you like unsettling noise in your track? I bet no. An evident advantage of the coil springs is the prevention of underside noise when no suspension system is in place. It is a very good idea to have coil springs to avoid such noise. When coil springs are not used, the tension and pressure between the axle and the wheels make the truck noisy. Therefore, the presence of such unending noise indicates that the coil springs are bad. If the noise comes from within the components, the system still needs to be inspected for any error albeit not in the coil springs.

Tire wear

When the coil springs fail, the resulting weight is felt by the tires. Consistent pressure and weight that is felt by the tires lead to the wear. The wear on the tires can be slow but it is gradual and has a significant effect on the truck. The suspensions of the truck are designed for known weights and an increase can accelerate the wear and tear on the tires. The coil springs should be checked to avoid the ware.

Vehicle sway

When the truck sways from side to side it is a sign of coil springs or back shocks. Instances of vehicle sway are mostly noticed when the truck takes a sharp bend at intersections. The most dangerous place for swaying is on the freeways when the poor coil springs make the truck to move sideways.

Bouncing movements

When abrupt and unintended movements occur it is an indication of bad springs or coils. The abrupt movements are a sign of bad coil springs and a change should be made to them. They should be rectified as soon as possible.

If you need coil spring replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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