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How To Show An Attitude Of Gratitude For Your Vehicle

Photo by autowelt_2014 on Pixabay


Welcome to November! It’s a month of reacquainting ourselves with our families as the holiday season begins. In the United States, we share the annual tradition of a large turkey dinner with our family to recognize the grateful pilgrims. After a difficult crossing over the Atlantic Ocean, they arrived centuries ago and managed to thrive in their first year. 


And we should show gratitude to all the players in our story who help us out:


·  The family who love and support us.


·  The friends who care for us.


·  The neighbors who accept and respect us.


·  Even the pets who love us despite our flaws.



As a car owner, where would you be if your car refused to start tomorrow? 


Our cars have held up in terrible circumstances for many drivers, managed to make it for miles on fumes, and handled potholes, bumps, and near-misses for us. Our vehicles deserve some return on the kindness they show us. And often, the gratitude we offer is reflected in the improvements we make to our lives when we show our love. Here are some ways to express an attitude of gratitude to our vehicles.


Keep the inside of your car clean - it will make you care more for your vehicle if it looks nice to get in, and it will be more hygienic, too.


Clean the exterior, too - cars that we clean are cars that we aren’t casual with when it comes to a crash. Wash your car and check for dents, scratches, and physical damage.


Attend to your car’s scheduled maintenance - Change oil every 5,000 miles, check tire pressure, rotate tires every 5,000 miles, and replace brake pads every 25,000 miles.

At HB Auto & AC, we want you to take good care of your car. Plus, we believe that showing appreciation to your vehicle is vital, and that is why we recommend regularly scheduled service. We invite you to schedule vehicle maintenance with us to show your car some love. Like us on Facebook for news and updates!


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