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How Can Potholes Hurt My Vehicle?


Potholes aren't just an annoyance in the road - the actually can cause real damage to our vehicles when driven over at a higher speed. They can't always be avoided either, sometimes we have no choice but to drive through them because there are vehicles on either side of us. While certainly driving over a large pothole doesn't feel good, you may hear some banging or clunking noises that make you think some damage may have been done to your vehicle. The truth is, potholes can cause damage to our cars. 

What exactly is a pothole? Potholes typically appear during the spring season and occur because of water seeping through cracks in the pavement. The water underneath the road freezes during the winter, and when it thaws during the spring, it can form potholes.

Here are some of the ways in which potholes can hurt your vehicle: 

  • Tires can be affected, either causing blowouts, air loss or bulging. The tread can also be damaged. 
  • Wheels and rims can also be cracked or damaged from hitting potholes hard.
  • Suspension or steering components can be bent or broken. 
  • Wheels can be forced out of alignment.
  • Depending on how far down your vehicle dips, the exterior body can be damaged. 

If you do see a pothole in the road, the best thing to do is avoid it if you can do so safely, or reduce your speed so that you only hit slowly. Hitting potholes at high speeds is what tends to cause the most amount of vehicle damage. 

If you do hit a pothole hard, we recommend inspecting your vehicle quickly afterward to check for damage. Also, pay attention to any weird symptoms you experience afterward. If you do suspect that damage was caused, we invite you into H B Auto & AC for an inspection. We can take a look and determine what repairs may be needed to ensure your safety on the road. 

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