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Drive Safe This Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s no secret that on Halloween night, children will be walking around the streets going from door to door to trick-or-treat and spend time with friends and family. With the increase of kids on the street, it is important that we all practice safe driving on Halloween in order to ensure the safety of all and keep this holiday fun and stress-free. 

When driving through neighborhoods on Halloween, be sure to drive slowly and carefully. Be aware of your surroundings and any children that are nearby. Always stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and stop signs so that they can cross safely. Be extra careful when backing out of your driveway as well - children could be passing behind you and may not notice that you are reversing. Also take caution while pulling into driveways and approach slowly. 

If you have children who will be participating in trick-or-treating, be sure to remind your kids to be safe. Remind them not to walk on dark streets alone and to stay on the sidewalk unless they need to cross the street at a stop sign or crosswalk. When crossing the street, make sure your kids know to look both ways before crossing and be sure that drivers see you and acknowledge you before stepping out on the road. 

Halloween is also a great time to make sure your vehicle’s brakes, lights and wipers are working properly. Dirty windshields, dim lights, and broken windshield wipers can all decrease your ability to see properly on the road. Brakes should also be inspected to make sure that you can accurately slow down and stop your vehicle when needed for pedestrians. 

If you notice an issue with your windshield wipers, lights, or brakes, bring your vehicle into the professionals here at H B Auto & AC AND we will take care of you!

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