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Caps Radiator Service Huntington Beach

Is now passed as of April 2013. We have known Gary and Dwight over 20 years and wish them the best. There was always a friendly rapport between us. We were Bolsa Radiator, evolving into general auto repair over 10 years ago, now as HB Auto & AC. We still have all the equipment and knowledge to properly service any and all of your Radiator related repairs and needs.

We can now say we have more experience with Radiators, Automotive & Truck Cooling Systems and diagnosis than anybody in Huntington Beach. I don't care what a certain little guy says. Our experience allows us to diagnose, repair (sometimes rather than replace, saving you money), maintain and service these systems to the advantage and savings of our customers. After 20 years ownership of one of the most popular radiator shops in Orange County, we know what we are doing.

Some of our customers have been coming to us over 30 years since first starting with us as Bolsa Radiator. Over the past 10 years we expanded our services to retain customer loyalty to include complete service and repair of their cars and trucks. Our single-minded expertise as cooling system specialists is extended to include services and repair to keep ALL our customers on the road.

Don't forget, the single most reason for on the road failure (besides tire problems and running out of gas) is a cooling system problem! We'll prevent that! Ask our Buddy!


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