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Automotive Winterization

“Winterizing” is a term that is used by other repair services. As a former Radiator Shop (Bolsa Radiator) and a former avid skier, I know what it takes. To begin with, a properly maintained vehicle is already winterized to handle 15 below temperatures with clean cooling system at a 50/50% mixture of concentrated antifreeze and water.

However… we recently serviced an older Chevy S-10 that is going to New York in the near future. At this time, the North East is suffering below zero temperatures. We mixed the cooling system a little richer with a 75% concentrated anti freeze to handle 30 below. Just in case. We also made sure it would make the trip and return the customers son back safely in a half a year. My daughter spent 4 years in Burlington Vermont in her little SUV and drove back last year.

Give us a call if you need more info on winterizing your car or preparing for all kinds of weather!


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