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If you have a wonderful power enhancing TURBO booster on your vehicle, you've got more power and better mileage than someone with the same vehicle without one. I loved the high pitch scream that the older Indianapolis race cars gave as they flew around the track. They outlawed them because of the extreme speeds the cars were reaching, upwards to 240 miles per hour!! Wow!

We've repaired our share of turbos and have become familiar with them. The repairs can be expensive and necessary for the vehicle to pass smog.

We recommend a few steps to insure long life for turbos....

Allow a few minutes to get the oil pressure and temperature up before driving vehicle. If possible a few moments to cool down when you stop motor. A turbo can turn over three time the highest RPM a motor can atain and needs a little consideration. On some exotic vehicles there is a built in system to allow the motor to cool down AFTER YOU TURN THE KEY OFF!!! The car can be locked up and parked but the motor will run so it will cool down enough to give the turbo longer life! The system will shut the motor off by it's self!


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