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Auto Repair FUEL PUMP Huntington Beach

If you suspect an electrical fuel pump failure the old tried and true test is to take a blunt object (rubber mallet, boot, palm of your hand), reach under the vehicle and thump the gas tank. Then try starting the vehicle again. Even though we have done this too many times to remember we highly recommend against this. We're professionals, don't try this at home.

The fuel tank can be the most dangerous item in your vehicle besides an irresponsible driver. Today's fuel pump is a working electrical motor submersed in a gas tank! The specialized care to repair, clean, remove and reinstall the gas tank and fuel pump is old hat to us having had previous 25 years experience as a Radiator Shop. We cleaned and repaired many gas tanks.

The Fuel Pump, gas tank, sending unit, and now EVAP System is all in a days work for our technicians at HB Auto & AC. California smog requirements demand near perfect performance to the point that a leaking gas cap will trigger a "Check Engine" light on your dash. Surprisingly, on many late model cars there is no indicator, or "Check Engine" when you have a pending or total fuel pump failure! With all the monitors and sensors on an average late model car or truck I find this puzzling.

It is our pleasure to repair any problems you may have in this area.


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