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Auto Repair Brakes Fountain Valley

There are 5 costly misconceptions about having an auto brake job done:

#1. All brakes are created equal, so the only thing that matters is the price.

#2. If I'm quoted a higher price it just means that they make more profit.

#3. A lifetime warranty is better than a parts and labor guarantee.

#4. My next door neighbor's kid can do my brakes the same as your technicians can.

#5. If I'm hearing a squeaking sound, it means I need all new brakes.

--Quick Answers--

#1 There's metallic, semi metallic, organic, and ceramic. All have thier advantages.

We'll match you up to the optimum product.

#2 In most cases a higher price means that the shop is using better parts.

This is not always the case and it's important to match function and demand.

#3 Never true. A shop offering a lifetime warranty comes with all types of gray areas.

They'll install cheap semi metallic pads. It's never for the customer's best interest.

The pads will wear out fast causing premature wear to your rotors.

This "lifetime warranty" will only cover the pad and never the labor or rotors.

#4 There are many things that a technician does to your brakes that most people don't know about.

Let him do so.

#5 Not true in most cases. When there is a squeaking-type noise when braking,

there can be many causes for this. Brake dust on your calipers or a sticking caliper

are the most common causes of a squeaking noise.

It also can be something as simple as an adjustment or a simple cleaning of your braking components.


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