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Auto Maintenance & Repair Huntington Beach

Don't repair it, lets' maintain it. It will cost you less, be less work for us, allow your vehicle to reach over 200,000 miles. They are built better than before so let's get all we can from them. Your owners manual will give you an idea of what should be attended to.

PLEASE NOTE, we are shocked to find some recommended services lacking!!!! One of the most important and ignored systems in a car was not mentioned at all in a customers owners manual till 100,000 miles!!! This was in a high end popular European brand!! It needed critical repair at only 60,000 miles, and at 5 years of age. The cooling system failed. Remember, the number one reason for on the road failure is a cooling system failure, after tires and running out of gas.

We had always thought that ALL VEHICLES need some maintenance at 30,000 to 40,000 miles or four years if you want long life. After talking with many other shop owners and combined 60 years experience of our own, we can recommend a comprehensive maintenance schedule. All cars are different but some services are recommended too frequently or not enough. Our Oil Change Service includes a Mechanics Traveler's Check that will help establish the proper appraisal of your cars overall condition for recommended services. I always consider every car in our shop as my own Mom's car. Only saw that thing once or twice a year and I knew what it would take to not see it sooner. We'll do the same for you and trust us, we can repair it too.


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