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Monthly Archives: September 2022

Factory Recommended Services - What Are They?

Factory Recommended Services - What Are They?

Usually, when you purchase your car, the car dealer can present you with a car manual that includes a factory or manufacturer-recommended car maintenance plan. The plan outlines guidelines on certain preventive services a vehicle needs at specific intervals from the time you start driving it. Why Vehicle Manufacturers Provide Factory Recommended Service Guides Multiple manufacturers aim to produce cars with extended ease of use and a longer lifespan. They design a specific maintenance guide for each vehicle model. Factory recommended services include inspections of vehicle parts such as an inspection of all major vehicle systems, such as brakes, engine, suspension, power steering, and tires. The guide can also entail various, including lubrication and part replacement, to keep the systems performing effectively. How Important Are Factory Recommended Services Some drivers only follow their car manual guides until their dealership warranty expires. You should continue following the m ... read more

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