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Monthly Archives: November 2020

3 Signs of Starter Failure

3 Signs of Starter Failure

There’s nothing more alarming than returning to your car and finding it unable to start. Some drivers are experiencing problems with their starter but get it confused with other common mechanical issues. Your vehicle’s battery powers the starter. The starter consists of a small electric motor and a relay that cranks the engine on. The starter relay is situated between the motor and the battery, where it transmits power. Below are five ways to tell if your vehicle is experiencing starter issues.  The lights come on, but the engine doesn’t.  When you stick the key in the ignition, the engine should turn over. However, if you start the engine and only the dashboard lights come on, there may be a starter problem.  There’s an unusual clicking sound.  If there’s a noticeable clicking sound when you turn your ignition or push to start, the starter may have gone bad. A clicking sound is usually a warning th ... read more


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