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Monthly Archives: January 2021

How to Know if You Need New Brakes

How to Know if You Need New Brakes

Most car accidents are caused by brakes. Sadly, brakes are among the car components that people think least about, yet they are components that should be in the best working conditions. You don't have to wait until your brakes are totally worn out before you change them. Here are the five signs that you need new brakes. 1. Vibration The main cause of motor vehicle vibration when braking is warped rotors. Rotors get warped when you like braking in harsh conditions that cause undue friction on your braking system. Vibrations feel like the feedback you get in your brake pedal during an emergency stop. Another cause of vibration is the misalignment of the vehicle. So you need to have your vehicle checked before you victimize the brake system. 2. Fading or Reduced responsiveness If you notice that it gradually takes longer for your brakes to respond and the car to stop than it used to be, check your brake pads. This is also the case when the brakes respond only when the brake peda ... read more

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