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After the Love Has Gone

Image by AD_Images at Pixabay


Are you a stranger to heartbreak, or do you have the scars and the story of the love you lost along the way? It seems that only the most aware, concerned, and loving among us never feel the sting of a love that has gone cold. Sooner or later, we all feel heartbreak, rejection, or miss the feeling we had when love was new, and we couldn’t wait to see our partner again.

It’s hard sometimes to keep a relationship alive and well. It takes constant work. Neglect it, and you will eventually see things begin to fall apart. Treat it right, and you can have decades together. And that can be costly, both in terms of your money and your time.

No, I’m not talking about your marriage or your sweetheart. I’m talking about the relationship you have with your car. 

And it truly is a relationship with your car. Your vehicle needs support and love all the way. Your vehicle cannot simply heal itself from abusive treatment. If you neglect its basic needs, the minor problems that develop will snowball into system-wide issues needing major work. 

At HB Auto & AC, we’re happy to do the major repairs to your vehicle whenever you need the job done. But we would prefer to do the minor upkeep that protects your car and makes it last for many years than fix what has been damaged and will never be the same again. 

But there IS redemption. Here’s a little story about a Chevrolet Camaro that came into HB Auto & AC for air conditioning repair: 

A few car owners own a Chevrolet Camaro built between the years 2010 to 2015. These particular Camaros have an AC Heater temperature problem that many owners are unaware of. For example, if the temperature is stuck on one setting or not working correctly, the plastic temperature blend door may be broken. If you want to fix this temperature issue, we have research showing that the “proper” labor at the dealership will cost well over $2,000 alone! Fortunately, an acceptable alternative is to repair this issue for much less at approximately $500! Here at HB Auto & AC, we know how to do this to save you money.

If you know that you can help your beloved vehicle run better for less money, would you do everything you can to fix it? When you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you in return. Do your part to nurture your relationships – whether with your car or your loved ones – and you will suffer less heartbreak.

If you’ve been neglecting the manufacturer’s suggested scheduled maintenance, consider starting this month, this year. At HB Auto & AC, we want to take good care of your car. Plus, we believe that showing appreciation to your vehicle is vital, and that is why we recommend regularly scheduled service. We invite you to schedule vehicle maintenance with us to show your car some love. Like us on Facebook for news and updates!


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