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A Cheat Sheet to Prepping for Road Trips

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

A Cheat Sheet To Prepping For Road Trips

Roooooooad trip!


Are you and your family headed out on the road to enjoy California's fresh air and beautiful views? Are you going even further? This will be a great experience, but make sure you have everything you need before heading out. 


We highly suggest a checklist that includes essentials, needs, and wants for your road trip. What does this look like? Well, it’s essential you have your medications, toothbrush, and contact solution. This should go on the top of the list and be double, then triple-checked before heading out. Every person in your family will likely have a different list! You need clothes for each day of your trip, so don’t forget them! And you likely want a book or your headphones. These are things that you could also buy on the road. 

The Essentials Checklist 

Even if your lists differ, there are some things you more than need to make your road trip successful. Here are some essentials to make sure you have:

  1. Medications. If you forget sunscreen, you can pick it up at the gas station. It’ll be much harder to find your medications. Label a Ziploc bag or small tote with all the medications your family might need, and make sure not to drive off without it.

  2. Chargers. Sure, you can buy a $20 charger at the corner store…but do you really want to? Grab all the chargers you need before heading out, including those with USB ports that you can plug right into your vehicle. Don’t forget the chargers for speakers and other tech!

  3. Snacks. This is another one of those things that can make a massive difference if you plan ahead. Roadtrip snacks are an essential, and it’s fun to stop at dives and unique shops on the way to your destination. However, we never want a hangry child or spouse. Grabbing a few proteins and healthy options will get you guys through those long hauls of road. This three-minute video from Tasty shows some easy and quick road-trip snack hacks. 

  4. Tissues/trash bags. The trash bags are for the tissues, but they’re also for if your four-year-old lets you know the chocolate milkshake isn’t going to stay down long enough for you to pull over. Better to be over-prepared than to stop for an interior clean in a town you don’t know well!

  5. Sunglasses. Make sure you have sunglasses ready for when the sun rises or sets! 

  6. An emergency roadside kit. Do you have everything you’d need if your car needs a jump or if you have to add a spare tire? Do you have road flares, blankets, and water? You always need an emergency roadside kit. But this is something fundamental as you travel! 

Everything else? Well, you can grab it on your drive. It’s always helpful to make a list and double-check before driving off. But these are six essentials you shouldn’t leave without! Don’t just do a double check of these things. Check three times to be sure! 

Get A Check-Up Before You Go! 

Another thing you shouldn’t leave the house without? A preventive maintenance check-up with your mechanic. Here at HB Auto and AC, we offer a full range of repair services on numerous vehicles. We invite you to schedule vehicle maintenance with us to show your car some love. Like us on Facebook for news and updates!


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