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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool During Those Hot Summer Nights

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


Is it hot enough for you yet? August reminds us of just how hot the summers in Southern California can be (extremely hot). It can make travel difficult, especially when you go sightseeing or to the beach, only to come back to a car that is essentially a hellish oven.

No one likes getting into a burning hot car on a hot summer day. Huntington Beach is blessed with the ocean breeze, but California’s dry heat can make driving in the summer a miserable experience.


Here are 5 ways to keep your car cool:


  • Crack the windows when you leave the car - allowing just a little air to breeze in will help keep things tolerable. Also, try opening the back windows when you arrive and fan the driver’s side door over and over again to pump warm air out of the car.

  • Coverage - use a sunshade for the front and back windows and covers or towels on the seats, you can deflect incoming sunlight and fold up the covers and sunshades when you return to your vehicle.

  • Plan your trips - try to avoid leaving the house at midday. Instead, run your errands in the early morning or in the early evening as the sun sets. If you must park your car in daylight, try to park in a shady spot at midday and be sure to only shop for pre-arranged needs-- no shopping by the seat of your pants!

  • Invest in a solar-powered fan - usually in the $25 - $40 range, solar fans can be left running when you leave the car, keeping things cooler when the sun will be an issue!

  • Get your car’s air conditioning in tip-top shape - HB Auto & AC are air conditioning leaders in Huntington Beach. Bring your car to us and we’ll make sure your AC will be performing like a champ all summer long.

Air conditioning is crucial for the summertime. If you come across issues with your vehicle’s air conditioning system, bring your car into HB Auto & AC. If you haven’t been doing much preventative maintenance this summer and are worried that you may need to accept the expense of a new car soon, call on HB Auto & AC to help you out.


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