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3 Big Reasons October Is Known For Brake Repair

Photo by S. Hermann & F. Richter on Pixabay

October is one of our favorite months of the year. Lots of significant events happen in October. There’s Fall Carnivals, Halloween, and there’s a deluge of incredible sporting events, including baseball, soccer, football on the national, collegiate, and local high school scale, and more. It’s a great month, and it ramps up into winter very quickly.

In case you didn’t know, getting your brakes repaired this month is a good idea. The winter season is quickly approaching, and events are in motion that will make your brakes incredibly important. There are three other significant reasons why October is the best month to get your brakes repaired.


School’s back in session. With kids running home from school again, you need to watch out for sudden surprises on the road. If your brakes are starting to fade, a need for a sudden stop could turn deadly. Give yourself and the kids in your area every advantage by taking care of brakes before school gets deeper in session, and they are rushing back and forth from school and home.

Avoiding Halloween hazards. If school being back in session can create a danger, try adding free sugar, nighttime, and scares to the situation-- and then you have Halloween. Kids can be very reckless on a Halloween night without meaning to, and we recommend driving as little as possible on Halloween, even if your brakes are recently tuned.

Preparations for the Holiday season. The holiday season often means traveling in cold weather. Snow, icy roads, and failing brakes are a terrible combination. If you put repairs off, you may find yourself needing to travel in a car you know is not safe. That’s why it’s essential to get ahead of a brake problem now by making an appointment for service before the rush begins. 

This is the month for getting your brakes repaired-- when things are at their most crucial and when life speeds up considerably. HB Auto & AC can keep your car running in proper order; trust us to take great care of your vehicle!. We look forward to seeing you and your vehicle soon. Please schedule vehicle maintenance to ensure that your car is ready for an emergency. You’ll be glad you did.


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